Saturday, November 4, 09:33:45 PM

Fantastic movie! Highly recommend.

Thursday, June 8, 12:20:58 PM

What a beautiful surprise. Hadn't heard a peep about this movie! How?! I loved the historical element, the acting, ...simply a lovely movie that shows the courage of a visible couple in a time where colour and race were identity.

Saturday, March 18, 11:18:39 PM

Very well done. Not well advertised, which is a shame as everyone should see this movie.

Wednesday, March 15, 11:58:11 AM

A wonderfully rendered historical film. Superb script, acting and direction

Tuesday, March 7, 09:03:21 PM

Great movie

Thursday, February 16, 09:59:57 PM

The elicit of time and the best moments of many changes. FACTS OF LIFE ISMS.

Saturday, September 10, 09:23:12 PM

I saw this at TIFF and loved it. This incredible story needs to be told and the cast certainly did an outstanding job. The setting both in the UK and Boyswana really transported the viewer. David Oyelowo was spectacular.