Thursday, February 6, 02:47:06 PM

Delightful and thought inspiring with a positive message. The colors were amazing!!

Saturday, January 18, 08:48:58 PM

Great movie 5Stars

Friday, November 15, 06:43:24 PM

it was hysterical and the animation terrific! the 'whoop snakes' we are still laffing about

Monday, November 4, 06:07:46 PM

So beautiful ... so refreshing ... animation was outstanding ... perfect for children

Thursday, October 31, 02:27:28 PM

This was the cutest movie I've ever seen. My granddaughters loved it. Even me 1 year old great grandson chuckled through out the movie!

Friday, October 25, 08:01:09 PM

It was a really good movie. Really enjoyed it!!! Worth seeing.

Thursday, October 17, 12:42:03 PM

Absolutely FANTASTIC. Can't wait to take my sister-in-law to it as I know it will uplift her spirits and cheer her heart. Just a thoroughly heartwarming and uplifting message that warms the spirit and soul.

Monday, October 14, 01:20:49 PM

Great movie

Friday, October 11, 09:43:46 PM

We need movies that nurture imagination, and Abominable does this very well. Besides that, it's just sweet, funny, and yet touching while dealing with the seriousness of grief.

Friday, October 11, 03:52:53 PM

Great movie and kid friendly.

Thursday, October 10, 10:34:20 PM

One of the best movies I've seen. The story, backgrounds and animation were superb. Good for all ages.

Thursday, October 10, 01:51:20 PM

Kids din't like it. Gender questioning themes were confusing them,

Wednesday, October 9, 11:56:40 AM

A movie with family values, coping with loss and sorrow, making lasting friendships with even the oddest of characters, helping one another. My grandsons & I really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, October 8, 01:36:39 PM

Sooooo good!

Monday, October 7, 05:02:00 PM

Touching movie with family values and loving friendships.

Monday, October 7, 04:59:56 PM

Great movie! Worth seeing

Monday, October 7, 02:35:06 PM

Vary entertaining

Monday, October 7, 01:04:30 PM

Good Family Movie, fun, magical and about never giving up. Well Done.

Monday, October 7, 11:41:34 AM

Great movie

Saturday, October 5, 11:02:28 PM

? Loved it! ?

Friday, October 4, 06:03:31 PM

This was a cute movie perfect for the kids and i even liked it

Monday, September 30, 03:00:16 PM

Nicely made movie!

Saturday, September 28, 08:02:43 PM

I loved the story, the animation was awesome and enjoyed several giggle moments in it. This animated movie is one of my favourites that I've seen in a long time.

Saturday, September 28, 05:16:44 PM

Very entertaining, kids loved it

Saturday, September 28, 11:05:05 AM

So adorably heart warming!!!

Friday, September 27, 02:39:14 PM

Working with admittedly familiar ingredients, Abominable offers audiences a beautifully animated and overall engaging adventure that the whole family can enjoy. DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studios' co-production Abominable takes audiences on an epic 2,000 mile adventure from the streets of a Chinese city to the breathtaking Himalayan snowscapes. Abominable (2019): Funny, heartwarming adventure has some peril, scares. Abominable (2019) has clear messages about teamwork, honor, defending and protecting your friends, and recognizing the value of life. Character Strengths: Courage, Teamwork Positive Messages: The movie promotes teamwork, close family connections, honoring your parents, defending and protecting your friends, and recognizing the value of life. Positive Role Models: Yi is courageous and selfless in her journey to help Everest return to his family. Jin and Peng are faithful friends to Yi and stay with her despite the potential danger of her quest. Yi's mother and grandmother are loving and supportive. Positive symbol of Chinese characters and culture.

Thursday, September 19, 10:02:09 AM