Tuesday, August 24, 07:04:33 AM

Very enjoyable film which has deep moments.

Saturday, November 25, 07:20:04 AM

It was one of my favorite movies. If you love reality movies, then i`m sure you`ll love this one.

Wednesday, July 27, 08:20:25 PM

Wonderful film, outstanding performance from Hugh Grant.

Monday, July 25, 06:55:13 AM

The movie disappoited me since I read Nick Hornby`s novel first and liked it a lot. There are many things turn upside down in the movie which change the meaning completely and for worse (e.g. the character of Ellie). I recommend to read the book!

Thursday, May 19, 11:59:57 AM

Only movie Hugh Grant has ever made that I can stomach...BUT I LOVED IT! On my top ten best ever.

Saturday, May 14, 02:20:28 PM


Tuesday, February 17, 02:16:56 PM

it was ok i guess but thye could have made it better

Thursday, August 21, 12:43:55 PM

it was the best british movie in a long time, I loved it. p.s. I ran out and got this movie on DVD the day it came out.

Sunday, July 6, 03:20:05 PM

horrible movie

Friday, October 18, 01:04:52 PM

Am imteresting polarization of comments on this film suggests that its popularity might very well rise and fall with the acceptability of Hugh Grant`s choice of character,or at the very least his own personal popularity. I personally found the movie to be touching and funny, the performances naturalistic, the characters sympathetic (nice to see a "villain", so the speak, portrayed in a sympathetic light here), and the whole story convincing, if offbeat. In this case, particularly with the two male leads, offbeat is very good indeed, and provides us with moments ranging from the poignant to humerous.

Monday, July 8, 04:40:00 PM

It was a good British movie with typical British humor. So if you appreciate the English humour, you`ll love this movie. If not, you`ll hate it.

Sunday, June 30, 12:09:47 PM

GOod show. Good combination of humour and drama. Good acting and overall a well done show.

Thursday, June 27, 11:19:57 AM

craptacular holy shizzle

Thursday, June 27, 04:19:07 AM

I loved it! The movie is all about HUGH GRANT, so it is great. And the story was beautiful. Greetz from Holland, XXX Godelieve

Saturday, June 22, 07:19:43 PM

what a terrible movie.

Tuesday, June 18, 02:18:58 PM

It is a great movie to go to with your (girl)friend

Saturday, June 15, 03:52:47 AM

What sentimental "needy child saves selfish adult" clap trap. The idea that children exist to give adults meaning and purpose has led to too many children borne for the wrong reasons. Children are not the solution to adult problems (they more often cause them)and "family" is more often about angst than it is about joy. Please spare me any more of these kind of out dated, Jerry Falwell kind of "family films" ... I really HATED it.

Friday, June 14, 09:38:28 AM

I loved this movie! It made me laugh and it made me cry. Hugh Grant was great as always. The boy who played Marcus was brilliant! I would definitely recommend this movie.

Tuesday, June 11, 11:48:29 PM

8 out of 10; Action was good; had a bit of everything in comedy etc. Glad to see it did not end in a typical way but continued with the comedy

Tuesday, June 11, 03:29:39 PM

I loved it so much that I went back again! I wanted my whole family to see this movie! It was so funny and so sad, the right mix of both! The actors were fantastic, all of them. I think we will be seeing the boy who played Marcus again soon. Hugh Grant and Toni Colette are fabulous actors as well! I hope there are more movies like it soon! By the way, Killing Me Softly went perfectly!

Sunday, June 9, 03:50:33 AM

better than Star Wars

Saturday, June 8, 01:59:16 PM

A great movie for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. It has a good mix of romance and comedy, and is not too corny for those guys who may not like other Hugh Grant flicks. This movie will make you laugh out loud.

Friday, June 7, 08:09:22 AM

Brilliant witty humour! I loved this movie and laughed from beginning to end. I`ve also seen it three times.

Wednesday, June 5, 12:33:56 PM

I thought that the movie was very otustanding. From my point of view it showed that HUg Grant can play almost any movie roll. He is not only an outstanding actor but a very nice looking guy. TWO THUMBS UP!

Tuesday, June 4, 09:32:17 PM

i think it was a horrible movie, i do not recommend it.

Friday, May 31, 12:17:02 PM

It`s a great movie that actually makes you think.

Wednesday, May 29, 09:55:44 PM

I thought that this movie was great very funny!

Monday, May 27, 07:52:06 PM

I think it`s a good movie. Highly recommended!

Monday, May 27, 07:33:45 PM

Great humour, very capable child actor, Hugh Grant manages to add a new dimension to his usual role as a foppish English chap. Highly recommended! A great alternative to the summer`s usual offering of overmarketed blockbusters.

Monday, May 27, 03:35:44 PM

Hugh was always my favorite actor ... he is funny and very professional ...

Wednesday, May 22, 12:31:03 AM

I think this is a good movie...Hugh Grant was the perfect choice for this role... The little boy is an excellent actor too...

Monday, May 20, 09:51:56 PM


Monday, May 20, 04:18:50 PM

i think tht this is a great film for teenages and all i love it yay

Sunday, May 19, 02:42:00 PM

It`s a terrible film. Lack of directing

Sunday, May 19, 11:48:02 AM

i think it was very funny i also think that the writers did a very good job mixing comedy with romance i loved this movie

Friday, May 17, 11:05:18 AM

Ithink it`s a wonderful film and I will recomend this film to my friends.