Thursday, October 24, 10:00:41 PM

People with double digit IQs will not like this movie. Wait for the next installment of Star Wars.

Wednesday, October 23, 11:49:54 AM

those critics that claim you need an IQ of at least 5 to understand it ,must be barely over 5 barely rotten rest awfull

Tuesday, October 22, 05:35:39 PM

Slow start, slow middle and mediocre finish. It was a boring movie. Almost walked out. Save your money.

Friday, October 18, 02:53:59 PM

Dud Astra!. I love Tommy Lee Jones but acting and storyline were bad.

Thursday, October 17, 11:15:19 AM

Just plain Bad. I am a science Fic. Freak --Bad.

Tuesday, October 15, 09:47:10 PM

2 stars for the 2 stars in this movie. As per usual, Tommy Lee Jones was at his crustiest best. My advice, don’t open the limo door for this turkey!

Monday, October 14, 09:38:28 PM

Excellent film with subtext, ANTICIPATION, and makes use of a believable space as analogy. It appears all the negative "reviews" sound alike and are grouped together — very suspicious.

Monday, October 14, 12:33:53 PM

Stinks. Zippo. A beast, then nothing. What a waste of time and money!

Sunday, October 13, 04:46:35 PM

This movie was well written for those who understand it. It's one of those you have to watch more than once to fully understand it all. If you don't like that kind of movie and want mostly action, this might not be the movie for you.

Sunday, October 13, 02:42:46 PM

Very well written and acted story.

Sunday, October 13, 02:55:34 AM

Beautiful movie with stunning visuals, wholly believable acting by Pitt. This isn't for the car chase crowd. It's a thought provoking story that happens to take place in space. I thought about it for days after.

Saturday, October 12, 08:58:11 PM

I liked the movie, I enjoyed it. It actually had a storyline, and there was action, just not non-stop car chases and violence. I agree with the reviewer who said "this movie is for those with an IQ higher than 5 on scale of 1 to 10.. Brad Pitt is able to carry what is mostly a one man story. Dialogue is well written. Too cerebral for the Fox opinion channel crowd"; although I suspect many of the reviewers who found it "boring" like anime, car chases and nothing more thought provoking than whatever "superpower" the current Marvel comic movie character has.

Saturday, October 12, 02:10:17 PM

5 of us watched this movie and it was the worst ,

Friday, October 11, 12:49:45 PM

I like Brad Pitt but this movie has no substance, boring story line.Almost walked out twice.

Friday, October 11, 11:14:40 AM

I love space and science fiction but this movie disappointed. Picture philosophy PHD students writing a script that Hollywood gets and re-writes with random action scenes and space monkeys. Brad man what the heck! You’re a better actor than a movie like this.

Thursday, October 10, 04:03:19 PM


Thursday, October 10, 01:54:49 PM

Excellent movie to sleep thru!

Thursday, October 10, 01:01:56 PM

Visually stunning, well-acted father/son character study. Unexpected yet fitting ending. Will definitely see it again on my 4K UHD tv!

Wednesday, October 9, 08:13:33 PM

I don't know what people were expecting this movie to be. I went for the beautiful sci-fi space drama that I expected it to be. I got that. Not a perfect movie, but still a damn good one with great acting and beautiful special effects. Not every movie has to be explosions and terrible plots like Fast and Furious, Transformers and Jurassic World. It's nice to get a grounded sci-fi movie from time-to-time and I wish they would make more of them.

Wednesday, October 9, 07:52:39 PM

Boring slow moving

Wednesday, October 9, 12:29:37 PM


Wednesday, October 9, 03:27:15 AM

Yawn. Predictable..except for the science which was ridiculous. My friend fell asleep. Liv Tyler and the crazed monkeys were worth the one star.

Wednesday, October 9, 12:52:37 AM

This is an excellent movie for those with an IQ higher than 5 on scale of 1 to 10.. Brad Pitt is able to carry what is mostly a one man story. Dialogue is well written. Too cerebral for the Fox opinion channel crowd.

Tuesday, October 8, 12:34:07 PM

Went wanting to like this movie, but just could not. Story is weak.

Monday, October 7, 10:36:22 PM

It’s a unique premise but the experience was not satisfying. It was difficult to emotionally invest in the world building and characters which the director aimed for. The journey was not compelling. It was cold and disjointed; like being inside a Nightmare. Brad Pitts performance was the only saving grace of the film. He’s a wonderful, wonderful actor!

Monday, October 7, 04:51:17 PM

Loved it. cant wait to see it again.

Monday, October 7, 04:01:57 PM

Absolutely the most bizarre movie I have seen, all it took was about 10 people, some space props and 2 angry monkeys. Started out hopeful and went downhill like a bomb. What a disappointment.

Monday, October 7, 03:55:59 PM

Dreadful dreck. Nothing original in this sci-fi, at least it spared the viewers the usual brainless "monster vs humans" theme, so overexploited! As for the Newtonian Physics part it's 0 out 10! Judging by the space vessels in the movie, humanity hasn't progressed that much, which means travels to Mars and further out to the furthest reaches of the Solar System take respectively months and years. No rocket of the kind shown can carry enough fuel to make it at destination with engines continuously running. Also, crews will need suspended animation pods for the long haul! Nowhere to be seen! As for Brad making it back to his shuttle the way he did, not even a grade 9 student will think that's possible!!

Sunday, October 6, 11:57:57 PM

Brad Pit sucks again----Booring!

Sunday, October 6, 09:25:18 PM

The best thing about this movie was the popcorn. It was unfortunately a total waste of 2 hours of our day and the cost of the movie. We kept waiting for it to get better but it never did.

Sunday, October 6, 01:18:17 PM

Well, for those of you who like nonsense like Michael Bay movies, stay away. If you are looking for something different from the usual dross and are prepared to let this be an osmotic experience, you should see it. Is osmotic a word? It is now

Sunday, October 6, 09:29:34 AM

Another take on Jospeh Conrad's Heart of Darkness. A father's obsession over for proof of extraterrestrial life leads to loneliness, abandonment & disconnection has far reaching consequences for the son the he left behind. Brad Pitt gives one of his best performances of his career. If you're going in expecting a fast paced space movie, you'll be disappointed.

Sunday, October 6, 02:30:18 AM

Could have been so much better.... it was depressing and dragged on.

Saturday, October 5, 05:59:47 PM

One idiotic scene after another.

Friday, October 4, 07:22:19 PM

Can't believe I sat through the whole thing...Should have left and asked for a refund..was so bad, my friend and I laughed that we sat thru it waiting for it to get better. She thought she'd see anything with Brad Pitt, I was just glad we had a discount and didn't pay full price

Friday, October 4, 05:50:38 PM

Don't waste your time and money, such a boring movie.

Friday, October 4, 05:06:27 PM

RIP OFF! Worst movie ever! Brad Pitt just took advantage of his name. You all deserve better!

Friday, October 4, 04:52:00 PM

I disliked the whole, stupid thing. It totally sucked. I only added the star after my review wouldn't post without any stars. I would minus stars, if that were a choice. Save your money and your time! Brad, you're cute, but I didn't care one bit about your story.

Friday, October 4, 04:28:11 PM

wow, crash and burn! Wouldn't have thought with the cast

Friday, October 4, 10:27:54 AM

If you like to look at Brad Pitt, this is the movie for you. For the rest of us, a real snoozer and question as to why did they make this movie. I gave it one star but it is really worthy of a pass, no star assigned.