Sunday, September 20, 05:46:57 AM

It was good except for the language and sexy scenes.

Wednesday, September 9, 02:06:43 PM

The movie was just so odd. The writers had taken as many skits from the book as they could and shoved them together illogically!!! There was absolutely no continuity. Bizarre altogether! The scenes which were meant to be "humorous" were cringeworthy, the serious moments were laughably dire and the disjointed and frenzied sex scenes were very weird. Trevor, Molly and Kimberley were the only decently portrayed characters - the rest of the actors were utterly abysmal.

Monday, September 7, 05:25:45 PM

Popular with young girls who like the lead Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Model/actor. He should stay in modeling. Story line none just jumps from scene to scene with poor plot line. Author copying 50 shades of gray but done poorly

Monday, September 7, 05:21:45 PM

Such a waste of money.

Monday, September 7, 05:17:36 PM

Hero’s acting something to be desired. Movie jumped scene to scene. If you had not read the books then would not understand. It is not an erotic novel in movie form which by definition is when a plot cannot hold up without the sex