Wednesday, July 12, 07:44:06 AM

The movie is a real attention getter. This guy is a superb actor. I'd definitely see this movie again. The persona and appearance of him, definitely factors the Tupacism into this movie. He did have positivity in him, and as for his opposers, you'd have to live in his shoes to see where he had been, and no one's perfect

Wednesday, July 5, 05:13:46 PM

pure garbage, why would u want to waste your time with a movie about a disrespectful person that spit at people, giving the finger when he got shot, beat the crap out of a person, diss other artists and wanted to live a thug life going down a path of darkness and evil, as the saying goes u live by the sword u die by the sword, is it really worth doing a movie over somebody like that, not really

Tuesday, July 4, 07:27:54 AM

I loved it, very informational and sad !

Friday, June 30, 02:17:56 AM

The movie musical of the year! Our kids enjoyed this far more than Beauty and the Beast.

Thursday, June 22, 01:02:40 PM

The movie did what the director said it would do......... Give you his mindset as he dealt with many life changing events. Also it gave a glimpse of his reality, when the cameras were gone. 2pac did too much to make a 2 hour film. This was more like a behind the scenes documentary.

Wednesday, June 21, 04:06:00 PM


Tuesday, June 20, 12:32:02 PM

Didn't like it at all..

Sunday, June 18, 02:38:33 AM


Friday, June 16, 10:50:20 PM

1 word tupac

Friday, June 16, 12:04:17 PM

It was an ok movie. Probably would have rated it higher if we didn't already see how to do a great rap biopic with NWA last year. The lead was not a great actor, I think he got the role more for his similar looks. The movie had pacing problems too. Seemed more like a TV movie than a summer movie. Wait for it on DVD or Netflix ***

Monday, June 5, 11:59:07 PM