Monday, December 5, 04:38:33 AM

FUNNY...enjoyed EVERY minute

Monday, November 28, 10:57:27 AM

The movie was awesome. I will go see the movie again.

Monday, November 21, 03:23:46 PM

I did not dislike anything, it was humorous and dealt with family situations that sometime are present. they all found a way to accept each other with love and move on. It was Real Good! and we enjoyed it a lot all the character roles fit perfectly, and Danny Glover so good to see him on the screen. We love all of you guys!!

Saturday, November 12, 11:22:39 AM

It's unfortunate the script doesn't even sound original. The similarities between "This Is Where I Leave You" seem uncanny. That movie was excellent so this one has a lot to live up too.