Sunday, December 19, 05:34:17 PM

The movie would have been more compelling if Zachary worked his way up to top-level management of the grocery store, allowing him to succeed at something outside of his comfort zone.

Saturday, December 11, 11:24:07 AM

"American Underdog" chronicles the inspirational true story of Kurt Warner (Zachary Levi), who went from stocking shelves at a supermarket to becoming a two-time 'NFL MVP', 'Super Bowl' champion, and 'Hall Of Fame' quarterback. The film is an uplifting story that demonstrates that anything is possible when you have faith, family, and determination. It's the classic Cinderella sports story of hidden talent rising to the top. It’s a tale of determination, perseverance against incredible odds, and of family; all of the themes that mean so much to us all. People should be ready to step into new and bigger things, and to not allow their circumstances to define them. "American Underdog" is both a football movie and an inspirational, emotional story for families to share. The film gives people the ability to dream for their own life, to unite with others, to focus on the things that are important in this life, to celebrate not just accomplishments but purpose. The film represents a beacon of hope that stirs the soul; no matter our circumstances, no matter how hard it's, if we never give up, the realization of a dream is always within reach. Anyone lucky enough to be in love will recognize that humility, inner strength, faith, grace, motivation, and a focus on what really counts in life, makes anything possible. This era can lean on the bulky side.