Sunday, January 12, 08:07:49 PM

Have seen his concerts 3times now, love his music you leave feeling just wonderful, would not miss any movies , to put it on film is the Best idea yet, it con reach so many more people that would not otherwise see these beautiful concerts love them and recommend To anyone to go see them. Love you André keep making them.

Saturday, January 4, 06:11:48 AM

He certainly doesn't look 70.

Wednesday, January 1, 04:57:12 PM

I loved the music, voices, variety of locations, dancing and skating. The best concert that I have seen. Enjoyed seeing all the happy people at the concerts all over the world.

Wednesday, January 1, 01:05:40 PM

I loved everything about the movie. Very uplifting. Wonderful to see so many happy people enjoying his music.