Thursday, October 3, 05:51:35 PM

Crap, don’t go

Wednesday, October 2, 04:06:18 AM

it's ok, could have been better

Friday, August 9, 11:23:42 AM

Holy crap, a cheap rip off of Nikita. I am so grateful for cheap theaters so I don’t have to pay full price for crap. Do all models believe that they can act? They can’t. The script was extremely poor, the fight scenes were were not believable.

Saturday, July 20, 03:04:18 PM

It was fine, though I don't understand the movie's title.

Saturday, July 20, 12:50:19 PM

A pleasant surprise. Good plot, well shot, good acting. Very entertaining.

Tuesday, July 16, 04:51:38 PM

Great movie and storyline...

Tuesday, July 9, 11:29:06 PM

I thought this was a fairly good movie. I enjoyed it more than salt or atomic blonde. Heck, also think it was better than the very recent spider man, avengers endgame and dark phoenix.

Thursday, July 4, 01:18:54 PM

Fairly good character development. Good action sequences as is normal for Luc Besson. A nice retake on La Femme Nikita. Helen Mirren is very good in her performance.

Saturday, June 29, 07:09:19 PM

I liked this movie a lot. It was very entertaining, the acting was very good by all actors & actresses, and the plot was interesting. Some twists. I like the closet scene, which added some humor. This is an action packed movie!

Friday, June 28, 11:00:36 AM

Some great over-the-top action from Luc Besson and an interesting plot progression. Some similarities to Red Sparrow.

Friday, June 28, 07:26:46 AM

Compared to all the cartoon/comic book movies, it's more than 5 star....Ms. Lush was very adept at the acting required and it was topical in it's Russia v USA tussle team....very beautifully shot, and action packed. To the bible thumpers calling it pornography, go suck people need a lot of growing up. Besson is very adept at this type of le France!

Thursday, June 27, 08:57:48 PM

Way better than expected. Wouldn't classify this as pornagraphic... yes some sex scenes but not very graphic. I liked the story and cast. Good action.

Wednesday, June 26, 04:06:13 PM

"porn movie" you say... definitely going to see it now!

Wednesday, June 26, 11:54:32 AM


Monday, June 24, 04:10:16 PM

Very poor acting and directing.

Monday, June 24, 02:22:39 PM

porn movie. that's all.

Sunday, June 23, 07:13:02 PM

How many times is Besson going to make this movie?

Sunday, June 23, 07:04:12 PM

I wasn't expecting much out of this flick but I was pleasantly surprised . I loved it ! Lots of twists and turns ,beautiful women and lots of assassin induced mayhem . The ending makes me think a sequel will be made and it will probably suck ,(sequels usually do )so I will enjoy this one on it's own.

Saturday, June 22, 05:59:15 AM

I can see what they attempt to do visualizing her one step ahead prowness. Not bad. A little choppy. Acted fairly well. If they didnt skip-act the action element of the film and just replace it with 2 small choreographed action sequences I think it would have been a better film and not so hokey. Need a female John Wick series. This could be it.

Friday, June 21, 10:30:40 PM

TOO MUCH porn.

Friday, June 21, 10:14:24 PM

I thought the movie fast paced, interesting with some twists. Although the acting required was not of high level the cast did well with what they had. Is it realistic, probably in part, but i look for fantasy in many of the movies I enjoy. I will rent or purchase in future. Good entertainment, especially with popcorn.

Friday, May 24, 01:53:06 PM

looks good; though im not fan of all these women doing these kinds of leads, they really cant do half that with the best trained women Sorry just reality so why are they getting these leads Yeah thats right they dress to kill (get it) yet dont get caught looking