Saturday, December 12, 03:51:50 PM

The first slave owner is the U S was a black man. Further more, where do they think the slaves came from. The black people in Africa were slave owners and they were the first ones to sell slaves to other countries. Don't you dare try to pin slavery on white people.

Thursday, December 3, 06:24:31 AM


Tuesday, November 24, 06:49:18 PM

stop this type of rhetoric that has no place in society today.

Monday, November 23, 10:08:00 AM

I thought the twist half-way in was pretty good, especially if you don't read the synopsis. Some parts were brutal tho - girls night for sure. If one were to remove the far-left take on 'modern' (toxic/hypocritical) feminism and the systemic racism (which any educated person knows is false), then you have a pretty good drama.

Friday, November 6, 05:10:29 AM

I think it’s funny when people see a movie like this and talk about anyone having anything to do with it as “trying to make white people look evil.” When we make movies about what Hitler did are we trying to make white people look evil? What about when any bad guy in any movie is a white guy? Is it an attempt to take down the pinnacle of perfection that is white people? Baloney! Black people have as much right to tell their story as anyone else. It’s about the action of certain evil individuals and what they had to endure to survive it. It’s the truth. Sadly most of our white ancestors (as a white man myself) had something to do with that. Stop being so offended about the freedom people deserve that they barely have that we basically had forever. Plus Janelle Monae is a total babe. So whatever. Don’t be mad that your white, be happy you weren’t enslaved. Let history be heard and told from the mouths of those who suffered. How else will we learn to do better?

Wednesday, November 4, 07:04:19 PM

Why don't they just stop trying to pit people against each other. Constantly trying to make white people look evil.