Friday, January 25, 06:22:53 PM

I use to read the comic book and all this was not any thing like it, but it did give some detail of his life story,the underwater part was great ,yes i would see it again and looking forward to see if there will be a part 2 to see how things turn out.

Thursday, January 24, 07:04:50 PM

Excellent movie!!! Highly recommend it. I saw it twice within two weeks, would see again. Terrific CGI!

Thursday, January 24, 06:27:02 AM

Great Movie!

Wednesday, January 23, 05:14:15 PM

Better than BvS.

Tuesday, January 22, 10:00:27 PM


Tuesday, January 22, 09:20:23 AM

The graphics on this movie was crasy I loved it from beginning to end I put my Pepsi down

Monday, January 21, 11:06:42 AM

I've seen it three times now and still can't get over it! Jason Moana does an amazing job as Aquaman and THOSE tattoos ?? You can bet that I'm going to buy the movie as soon as it comes out! ???? The action and romance was there but I was confused on the human trying to kill Aquaman. Other than that, amazing special affects and great transformation plot from a son that was left behind to a HERO! ??

Monday, January 21, 04:30:19 AM

I love everything about it great job they work hard for it and they deserve an Oscar

Sunday, January 20, 04:19:28 PM

Maybe this was just an introductory movie. It was okay. A little bit of humor, a little bit of romance, and...that was it. Aquaman definitely was the best character.

Sunday, January 20, 02:20:04 PM


Sunday, January 20, 11:54:36 AM


Saturday, January 19, 10:50:25 PM


Saturday, January 19, 10:42:31 PM


Saturday, January 19, 10:14:37 PM


Saturday, January 19, 02:04:03 AM

Lots of adventure and stuff never seen before happened in the movie small errors in the movie too.

Thursday, January 17, 12:02:40 AM

ok the leading man is a hunk. The special effects are fantastic but you blow thru some of the effects so fast it's hard to take it all in. If you are prone to motion sickness take something for it before you go. if the sound of running water affects you be aware it is an almost constant background noise. It has a moral but the plot is thin.

Wednesday, January 16, 02:17:19 PM

I watched this movie with great expectations but half way through, it was dragging on with no real point or resolution. I got bored. The acting was mediocre, the CGI was rushed and of poor quality. Hollywood fails again. The best thing about this movie experience was I found a movie theater that served beer with my popcorn.

Wednesday, January 16, 12:49:25 PM


Tuesday, January 15, 08:05:31 PM

Great movie but too short.

Tuesday, January 15, 08:04:01 PM

Best movie since superman wonder woman and batman!

Tuesday, January 15, 09:55:39 AM

Awful movie. Terrible plot …..boring. Save your money and rent it.

Monday, January 14, 10:27:42 PM

ONE WORD........AWESOME!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 07:37:56 PM

It's this year's Waterworld.

Monday, January 14, 02:38:21 PM

I thought the movie was great. Although we watched it in a very uncomfortable seat at the AMC Newpark Mall theater in Newark CA. The imax theater (although regular seating did) did not have reclining seats. My wife and I are seniors in our 70’s and needed the recliners. Why why why??? She could hardly walk after 2 1/2 hours setting up straight.

Sunday, January 13, 04:46:53 PM

Good graphics but this movie is way too long. The last hour I wanted to shout "Get to the point!!". Nicole Kidman is an odd choice for leading role. She is very lack luster in this movie.

Saturday, January 12, 05:22:56 PM

Great action and CGI. Jason never disappoints Going to see it again

Saturday, January 12, 05:17:37 PM

Great movie! Action packed, fun, very cool effects. Jason Mamoa...WOW! Im personally not a super hero movie fan but this one was worth the watch ??

Friday, January 11, 07:24:11 PM

A very very good movie. Took my grandsons & we all loved it. We couldn’t sit together because theater was packed. But didn’t care because movie was so good. Besides don’t go to have a conversation. 😁👍

Friday, January 11, 09:34:01 AM

Loved the underwater scenes and all the sea life--beautiful and fascinating! Story line could have been better --predictable at times and the battle scenes went on tooo tooo long. Gave me a headache with all the pounding sound effects. Also dragged at times. All most fell asleep once. Stay for the credits and you won't miss the additional scene with Manta

Friday, January 11, 08:11:01 AM

Fantastic story, acting, special effects. Gotta keep seeing it to see all the sea life, there are so many varieties. Serious message to stop trashing our ocean. The reluctant hero. Strength of love. A comic strip super hero come alive. Mera, the ultimate friend who sticks by you.

Friday, January 11, 01:24:40 AM

This a great movie I'll probably buy the vidio

Thursday, January 10, 02:11:59 PM

Everything about this movie is well done. The story-line, acting, the look and movement of the film and its gentle yet firm message about being true to yourself. Worth the money seeing it on a large screen.

Thursday, January 10, 09:18:31 AM

Save your money. Absurd story line with no acting. Just stupid stuff lighting a flare underwater and traveling in a boat when your Aquaman!

Wednesday, January 9, 12:46:10 PM

I love the movie I hope they come out with another one

Wednesday, January 9, 10:11:54 AM

was really disappointed. Special effects were good. plot was bad and relied too much on fight scenes which were too many and too long. wanted more story

Tuesday, January 8, 08:00:30 PM

It wasn't a great movie..

Tuesday, January 8, 10:23:35 AM

Just a fun, fun movie. Plus you get to look at Jason Momoa.

Tuesday, January 8, 09:18:17 AM

I seen this movie in D-Box and really enjoyed it. The story was good and I enjoyed the visuals. It was very entertaining for me.

Tuesday, January 8, 08:56:33 AM

Awful movie. Boring and dumb, I usually buy into sci-fi action movies but this one was unbelievably bad. The acting was terrible and the plot(if there was one) made no sense. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Monday, January 7, 07:24:15 PM

Had high expectations....was not up to par with Wonder Woman, etc....