Saturday, December 29, 02:27:30 AM

Thank you! The great time to spend with family. Based on a comics book !

Friday, December 28, 08:17:30 PM

This was like watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles under water - costumes were AWEFUL! - he wore loafers and slacks under water threw this trench of creatures to get the golden fork! If you are trying to appeal to women, don't put a man in loafers and slacks when he's going to claim he's man enough to be king. And the rest of the costumes look like they came off my kid's action figures - literally. Acting was HORRIBLE: Nicole Kidman needs to go back into retirement. Every line of the movie and every scene was predictable. Music was annoying - it made you feel we were on a continuous loop of the Star Wars battle scenes and way too much camera time spent on scenery instead of story line. The lighthouse guy at the end of the pier every morning was just sappy. And the kiss scene with the leg up - did nothing for women who were anticipating that the redhead would be his woman. Absolute flop - fight scene in the submarine at the beginning was the best and then it all went down hill fast.

Friday, December 28, 03:08:14 PM

Simply no good very boring walked out of movie.

Friday, December 28, 01:15:02 PM

This was a fun movie. We had a blast watching this type of science fiction movie.

Friday, December 28, 10:52:20 AM

Movies are made to give people a chance to escape reality and go into another place. A movie with special effects and great scenery adds to a storyline and enhances it. I enjoyed the movie because it was fun to watch never because of what everybody else thinks. Some of my favorite movies were rated low by critics. See for yourself. Enjoy

Friday, December 28, 10:38:18 AM

So boring. Dialogue sounded like it was written by an immature teenager. Jason Momoa isn't an attractive man. I think people are getting confused between muscles and abs and actual attractiveness. He can work out all he likes. Doesn't change the fact that he's not good looking and beard and hair don't help.

Friday, December 28, 03:02:28 AM

Excellent story. :)

Thursday, December 27, 08:10:45 PM

Too much animation.

Thursday, December 27, 05:02:28 PM

It was an ok movie kind of predictable like all the DC and Marvel movies. Why don't they put more time making a movie about a super hero's life growing up and making it more personable, like superman 1(Christopher reeve) , Oh, and I didn't think Aqua man was hot

Thursday, December 27, 12:51:01 PM

90 percent of the people who like this movie is beause they think the main guy is "hot". Yes because that's why one should lke a movie

Thursday, December 27, 11:56:53 AM

Really is that a question lol all the actors were awesome and movie plot was great and not saying but jason momoa oh yes 💕

Wednesday, December 26, 11:39:43 PM

Lots of action, awesome graphics, worth to watch.

Wednesday, December 26, 12:16:51 PM

The movie was not so bad. Movies are not made for lower IQ as one poster said. Lol

Wednesday, December 26, 08:24:04 AM

I'm not a big movie fanatic. I'm not gonna judge by every little detail of the film. Overall, I thought it was great, lots of ups and downs to get you excited throughout. Not my favorite, but its expected from a superhero movie. going through good vs bad terms -- the movie was good -- definitely recommend you go watch it.

Tuesday, December 25, 10:14:02 PM

More of the same old formulaic Marvel Comics loud and abnoxious sound and special effects with horrible acting, bad actors, minimalist script and silly plot lines. God help us that this is what our kids and the 20 or somethings want to see. The dumbing down continues. Movies made for people with IQ's below 80 and to make oodles of money for art less crap!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 11:03:32 AM

It was OK. Reminded me of "Thor" but underwater. Maybe best seen in 3D to appreciate all the effects if you like those things. Stay through credits to see set up for sequel.

Tuesday, December 25, 05:18:53 AM

I would have to consider this the best DC movie since the batman series with Christian Bale. The vilian in Wonderwoman was predictable and lame. For cinematography purposes, Aquaman absolutely was worth the movie price in Imax 3D. Overall storyline was better too. Aquaman has been known as the lame DC hero well this movie changed that in my opinion. Hopefully the director of this movie is kept on to reboot the last few mistakes like justice league and superman because right now DC comics has a long way to go to catch up to Marvel comics. I enjoy both comics growing up as a kid so let's hope Aquaman is the beginning of something better coming up. The only flaw in the Aquaman movie (in this spectacular movie) is they did not give a moment to his suit or how Aquaman got the suit. Hopefully, they will address in the blu ray edition when it comes out.

Tuesday, December 25, 12:33:42 AM

it hard to put all together to rate this movie, i think i would have to watch it again to give my final review but it got it issues for sure but it way better than the justice league and batman vs superman, the effects were really well done but with some weak acting to weak story line as wonder women was better, but i have to give the the last act to aqua man way better than wonder women for sure, i will see it again like example i wasn't really impress with avengers first movie when i saw for the first time but when i saw it again and again i grew fond with the avengers and i think this would be the same, dc is for sure moving in the right direction they just need to fine tune it to make amazing excellent films down the road, but for sure i would see aqua-man again

Monday, December 24, 07:46:59 PM

Just as Raj said in the Big Bang Theory... "Aquaman Sucks"

Monday, December 24, 02:19:16 AM

If you liked Wonder Woman then you should like this as well - I wasn't expecting this to be as good as it was because Aquaman in Justice League did not play as big of a part in it but having his own movie was like Wonder Woman having her own movie & this I feel came off very well with a good cast of characters that made the story interesting & fun to watch!

Sunday, December 23, 10:29:49 PM

Really colorful action packed movie similar to Justice League Animated series style Aquaman. Costume is comic accurate both villians and hero. If you can accept walking tree and talking racoon then you can accept people talking under water. The visuals are stunning and cgi is polshed. Cgi from the trailers are not polised. Dc is now in good hands. James Wan gave justice to these iconic characters. If you see a montser thats a kraken from greek myth created by Zeus, Posiedon and Hades to kill kronos.

Sunday, December 23, 06:49:01 PM

Big dumb popcorn fun. It's a bit silly. The shifts in tone were distracting. Great visuals, though. A 10 year old boy might love it, but grandma won't.

Sunday, December 23, 05:45:44 PM

Too perditable . whenever they start talking BOOM. Your under arest by the blah blah blah. Blah blah blah . Save yourself time and money just rent Thor Redbox . Or wait for aquaman on DVD. Good luck . it's painfully perdibtable. You've been warned . The movie too long ...

Sunday, December 23, 04:49:59 PM

Alot of action!!!

Sunday, December 23, 02:03:22 PM

Tons of action and a very fine male specimen aqua man! Should be nominated in the best costume category and special effects!

Sunday, December 23, 11:38:58 AM

Fantastic movie. I am still don’t understand the Atlantic’s people.

Sunday, December 23, 10:51:32 AM

I liked the movie but I was confused as to why after the mother of Aquaman was found alive decades later she had not aged at all. Also at the end of the movie the brother of Aquaman appeared to have been taken into custody and taken away. Taken away to where and what is going to happen to him? Will he end up like Thors brother who keeps going from bad to good and back to bad in future movies? Does this Aquaman cliffhanger at the end of the movie mean that there will be an Aquaman 2 movie where Aquaman will again have to deal with his bad brother? I sure hope not. This movie would have been much better if these two scenes better explained themselves.

Sunday, December 23, 06:20:39 AM

Great visual effects! I loved the story!

Saturday, December 22, 06:18:20 PM

Aquaman was dumb. I watch every super hero movie religiously and was excited to see this. But so many issues: 1. Too long and convoluted. really, as weak as the acting was did we need to see over 2 hrs of this rubbish. 2. Poor acting and terrible humor. It was at the level of Jah Jah Banks. 3. Weak back story beyond the opening scenes of the meeting of Arthur's dad and the Queen 4. There was barely any link to the Aquaman in Justice League and this version. For example, in JL he was basically the last of his Atlantis people. But here he was King of millions smh. 5. Why the futuristic Atlantians? Again, similar to Star Wars instead of the technology going backwards when they told the backstory, we saw an ultra futuristic Star Wars by Lucas which killed those episodes until they finally brought back the gritty 70s version. Same here, the moment we go under water, instead of dark, ancient and a mysterious kingdom, we see advanced cities from another planet with spaceships under water, lazer guns galore and technology that befits underwater TRON than Atlantis. 6. The villains were like sparring partners in a warm up boxing match. This was the dumbest part. No intelligence, no devious, no backstabbers, no evil, no creatures destroying the planet or seas, just jealous brother wanting to be king smh. Even Black Mantra was basically Maguyver looking for revenge but instead of killing Aquaman, spent half the time talking him to death. WEAK!!! 7. The language used in this movie may as well have been written by some high school teenager with words like "lit" I'm hip" "rad". It was just so cringeworthy. 8. So the Queen is gone for 20-30 years...who knows??? She is thought to be dead. Then reappears out of nowhere in the pits of the earth. Surrounded by billions of sea monsters she somehow survives decades without aging and no explanation how? Apparently she just fights the biggest monster in the movie who is defending a magic fork, but she is

Saturday, December 22, 05:09:20 PM

Action packed, special effects were great, this movie was better than expected. Loved that there was more than one underwater kingdom. Acting was weak at times, but underwater scenes were believable.

Saturday, December 22, 01:48:27 PM

Great movie and very good 3d.Good cast.

Saturday, December 22, 12:02:43 PM

Really cool

Saturday, December 22, 10:16:39 AM

It was a very exciting movie.. Lots of action.. Loved it

Saturday, December 22, 06:06:47 AM

Loved it! Good intro,vissuals better then Thor! A little longer then what it could of been but worth it.

Friday, December 21, 02:24:48 PM

"Aquaman’s one fish story that needs to be thrown back". So much for Peter Howell & The Toronto Star

Friday, December 21, 12:40:31 PM

I don't think Wilson was miscast, I think Amber Heard was! I like that we see Black Manta be formidable and he gets the obligatory suit building montage instead of the good guy, but hello.....why couldn't they make a 10 second scene to show how Aquaman got his suit? Big time missed opportunity to show fans something missing from Aquaman lore. And good job picking someone of tropical island heritage to play Aquaman because you didn't feel at all like making a joke about his skills, especially the "talking to fish" skill which we can all see is extremely useful and awesome. Why is everyone else white though? Otherwise good balance between topside fight scenes and underwater action and even underwater dry places and above water wet spots! Fight Scenes= Awesome. Multiple plots, but they are easy to follow and everyone has their own motivations and I actually thought Dolph was acting really well. I wouldn't see it again in theatres, but it's better than Wonder Woman and way better than Bats v Supes and Suicide Squad. Everyone says Jason Mamoa from GoT, but now they will always link him with Aquaman for life.

Friday, December 21, 09:13:22 AM

It was just ok. Acting was weak at times.

Friday, December 21, 08:51:32 AM

You will believe a man can swim.

Wednesday, December 19, 12:58:35 PM

I loved this movie, It was exciting, and held my attention throughout the movie. Great fight scenes, and awesome special effects, the actors were incredible, and the story was great. I would love to see a series come out of this, or at least more sequels. I can't wait for the release on DVD or Instant Video. I want to see it again already

Sunday, December 16, 01:03:23 AM

One of the best super hero movies by far.