Monday, December 1, 08:38:54 AM

Cute and fun for kids and adults!

Sunday, November 11, 12:05:36 AM

I liked the movie. It was funny. happy christmas instead of merry christmas. LOL!

Friday, November 9, 07:58:37 AM

When you get caught between the moon and New York City, the best that you can do is fall in love.

Wednesday, November 7, 01:57:02 AM

Great sequel to the Russell Brand comedy classic.

Monday, January 9, 09:05:23 PM

Went with Girlfriend based on other's recommendation. Enjoyed the conflict by the different generations. Clever writing. Enjoyed the "military efficiency" of the elfs to the theme of Mission Impossible. Good fun for all generations.

Sunday, January 8, 12:35:52 PM

A good Christmas movie... was kinda funny at parts, children would really enjoy it.

Saturday, January 7, 08:36:36 AM

cute just another Xmas movie - not special

Friday, January 6, 05:18:18 PM

Good holiday fare

Friday, January 6, 05:16:40 PM


Friday, January 6, 03:54:35 PM

Took my grandson to see this movie (Arthur Christmas)We spent such a delightful day together and enjoyed the movie as well.

Friday, January 6, 12:19:58 PM


Thursday, January 5, 10:33:56 PM

Fun and cute Christmas movie

Thursday, January 5, 08:47:22 AM

animation keeps getting better

Thursday, January 5, 08:43:47 AM


Thursday, January 5, 08:42:37 AM

not a classic

Wednesday, January 4, 10:44:13 PM

Great movie.

Wednesday, January 4, 09:30:22 PM

refreshingly funny christmas movie..

Wednesday, January 4, 05:42:03 PM


Wednesday, January 4, 05:06:31 PM

Not really good

Tuesday, January 3, 09:58:36 PM


Monday, January 2, 05:14:55 PM

not for a young twenties couple but i can see it being cute for kids and their family

Sunday, January 1, 11:11:06 PM

very funny

Sunday, January 1, 10:03:02 AM

Recommended for the entire family. Good entertainment!

Saturday, December 31, 04:59:45 PM

Good for the whole family

Friday, December 30, 06:53:10 PM

A nice Christmas animated movie

Thursday, December 29, 06:12:27 PM

A good Christmas season movie with a great message.

Thursday, December 29, 04:59:10 PM

good holiday fun for the family

Thursday, December 29, 11:32:35 AM


Wednesday, December 28, 10:49:40 AM

cute, loved it

Sunday, December 25, 10:26:26 PM

We saw this movie on Christmas Eve and it was perfect. Something for both the children and the adults!

Sunday, December 25, 03:36:09 PM

Enjoyable movie

Saturday, December 24, 10:24:18 AM

super cute

Saturday, December 24, 09:08:33 AM

Great movie for kids with no real villains! My son doesn't like the "bad guys" so after him being greatly disappointed in cars 2, we were finally able to bring him back to the theatre for a positive experience.

Saturday, December 24, 12:03:49 AM

A fun loving Christmas movie.

Friday, December 23, 05:00:09 PM

Good family fun

Thursday, December 22, 05:07:42 PM

Lots of fun for the family

Thursday, December 22, 11:17:58 AM


Thursday, December 22, 10:02:15 AM

Fun movie for young and old.

Wednesday, December 21, 03:34:10 PM

great for the family over Christmas

Wednesday, December 21, 06:20:42 AM