Saturday, July 29, 07:18:53 PM

Atomic Bomb lol that sums it up right there. I hated the interigation scenes because they got in the way of the movie. Plot was definitely hard to follow and understand. Women kissing girls and getting there bang on common. It felt like there was a lot of fillers in this movie like the interigation scenes and sex scenes with nudity. I exspected more then this so this movie I give one star. If you just see it go on cheap night of see something else because you are not missing anything. Tragic movie :(

Saturday, July 29, 07:07:32 PM

Decent action flick with a reasonable plot. Movie suggestion.. Charlize vs John Wick.

Saturday, July 29, 05:53:13 PM

A feminist fantasy about a woman who kills men and has sex with other women. The critics compare her to a female Bond but fear the feminist backlash too much to point out the obvious difference: Bond does not exclusively kill women and have sex with other men.

Saturday, July 29, 03:52:19 PM

Complicated storyline that was hard to follow. Actiing and soundtrack was good. Still, my expectation were high before viewing this film. Unfortunately, they weren't met as the end credits started rolling.

Saturday, July 29, 02:13:17 PM

This movie was so unbelievable. Le Femme Nikita was the best of this genre. This movie was a very poor imitation.

Friday, July 28, 11:05:44 PM

What a useless steaming pile of cow dung.

Friday, July 28, 10:11:35 PM

Great action movie... Got what expected...

Friday, July 28, 09:52:03 PM

IF You like Charlize, then this is your movie. Not the story line, not the continuity or character driven plot, or for that matter plot. It's is dragem out, punch, shoot, madness and mayhem. She can surely kick ass. But there is nothing in it for grownups looking for a movie that might enrich their life. Yes, it is our fault - but we like Charlize - and disappointment will make us rethink bang, bang movies period and second Charlize movies.

Friday, July 28, 02:39:43 PM

Theron's Bond-like character is a butt-kicker and even gets the girl. Great action film, and even has a "Baby Driver" chase scene. Guru bob says 90/100!!

Friday, July 28, 11:53:30 AM

Women fighting & kissing women! Nasty, stupid movie. Pitifully poor acting. Don't waist your money.

Monday, July 17, 09:04:54 PM

Lots of fighting, poor acting.

Wednesday, July 5, 11:04:05 PM

This has 2 of my all time favorite actors ever! Theron and McAvoy = 5 stars off the bat! Can't wait to see it.

Friday, March 10, 03:13:39 PM

Intriguing and inventive twist for the James Bond series, as 007 finds himself going undercover in the unlikely role traditionally reserved for Bond Girls: he's every bit as lethal as you'd expect, only now he does it in a dress.