Wednesday, January 4, 09:05:40 PM

Beautiful movie in every way. People giving this movie low ratings saying it's boring or 'cultural appropriation'... what kind of drugs are you on? This is one of those extremely rare movies that I will gladly pay again to see it twice in theatres. It's that good, and even surpasses the first one in many ways, a feat few sequels ever accomplish. I will be watching the battle between Top Gun and Avatar at the Oscars this year!

Wednesday, January 4, 01:10:53 PM

Go review bombing some propagandistic fake history movie like Woman King. There is no objective reason to give 1 star even if you didn´t enjoy Avatar 2 that much. The visual effects are amazing, the actors are good, the design of the creatures is beautiful. No movie which has some qualities which can´t be questioned deserves to be review bombed by mindless haters.

Wednesday, January 4, 11:31:29 AM

Weak dialog and superficial characters, I didn't feel invested. Not enough plot for a 3 hour film, too long and boring.

Wednesday, January 4, 06:58:18 AM

After the novelty of Avatar 1, I wondered if A2 was going to be interesting. Even after 2 1/2 hours, the movie was still engrossing. With the action sequences being occassionally broken by calm of beauty, both visually & musically I found emotionally moving. The beautiful world & imagination of James is unequaled. Any faults in the movie is negligable compared to his creativity. In 3D, you feel like you're soaring right there with the flying creatures. Incredible filming Negative criticism isn't by superior intellectual people, it's by negative people. RH

Tuesday, January 3, 09:42:49 PM

I enjoyed it more than the first one! First Class enterainment. The perfect Movie for the Big Screen!

Tuesday, January 3, 03:09:13 PM

Cultural appropriation of maori people-the tattos-MOKA, the kinship of the whales, the physical features of the sea people, Cameron, you borrowed your film ideas from another culture Positively-the women characters were strong and matriarchically. And hunting whales, for brain fluid-aging essence- which is not cool!!

Tuesday, January 3, 01:15:10 PM

I think I love it more than the first one and didn’t even feel the 3 hours !

Tuesday, January 3, 12:57:08 PM

Everything was absolutely great, loved the 3D

Tuesday, January 3, 11:31:19 AM

If anyone thinks this was a good movie you must be crazy. Hey when every movie theater in the country has 8 theaters Hollywood has to provide something but 90% of the movies SUCK ! Do get ripped off !

Monday, January 2, 04:34:19 AM

Fails to engage in any meaningful or thoughtful way, and I laughed all 523 times a character uttered the word "bro."

Sunday, January 1, 11:00:05 PM

I absolutely thought it was excellent, I will definitely see it again.

Saturday, December 31, 11:38:42 AM

In this age of Marvel, DC, and other CGI fantasy movies, Avatar: The Way of Water creates a visual experience masterpiece that may never be equaled (until maybe Avatar 3). The 3D brings you, and your emotions, into the Pandora world. This was one movie that delivered entertainment value far exceeding the admission price. Can't wait to see it again.

Saturday, December 31, 09:13:38 AM

Haters gonna hate, LOL! There is no reason to give 1 star even if it´s too long for your attention span or if you can´t appreciate the attention to details and the fact the actors went through diving training because the water is not CGI only. Try to guess what is real and what is CGI if you are soooo smart. Of course you are not able to tell, the only thing you can do is to sh*t on everything because people much more talented than you created it. Envy is an ugly thing.

Thursday, December 29, 12:02:30 PM

It was the same sort of story of Greedy humans coming back to try to destroy Pandora. How about the humans getting totally destroyed and never coming back and the people of Pandora and Galaxy living in Peace with their neighbors and Nature

Thursday, December 29, 10:44:38 AM

It seemed like a compilationof of bits from Star Wars, AquaMan, Tittanicand Avatar 1. Continuity issues -Can they breathe underwater or not? Marine sergeant Dad was pretty goof, but how did his kids get to be such idiots? Warch a trailer before you buy a ticket.

Thursday, December 29, 12:50:59 AM

I just simply have no words for what was shown on screen. In fact, I was soooo immersed in the story and characters and the world I have forgot I was watching spectacular special effects. The whole experience left me with a sense of pure "awe."

Thursday, December 29, 12:38:28 AM

Watching this, I felt the same kind of awe I felt after watching the first movie and I plan to see it again.

Wednesday, December 28, 09:20:59 PM

the whole movie great story line

Wednesday, December 28, 07:27:34 PM

Not much. Puerile, repetitive, lacking in plot or character development, tedious and seemingly never ending. Left the theatre with still a half hour to go. Ridiculous length of over 3 hours.

Wednesday, December 28, 01:32:31 AM

Interminable and imbecilic.

Tuesday, December 27, 09:28:46 PM

I loved everything, but the water was awesome, beautiful!

Tuesday, December 27, 11:43:28 AM

Very good make

Tuesday, December 27, 10:22:40 AM

Technically excellent, however the plot is just like so many others…. Bad guy wants revenge and kill Father of family, family moves, family gets tracked down, bad guy kidnaps loved ones to draw Father of family out etc. It’s just a “pretty-to-look-at” bad guy out for revenge movie with plot holes.

Monday, December 26, 06:49:52 PM

It gets 2 for visual cinematography but the plot and characters are pure corn. Just a bad screenplay. It’s a family movie/father son movie/mother daughter movie/brother bro /save the whales all in one. It is so bad I think James Cameron lost his objectivity. He even steals the Titanic scenes of capsizing. “Never let go…blue beings. Lacks emotional punch from trying too hard. Not a good movie but at least visuals are unique.

Monday, December 26, 05:14:24 PM

never have so many done so little for so many

Monday, December 26, 01:03:50 AM

It's a LONG movie and I kept waiting for something to happen. Could easily have been trimmed by an hour and a half without losing anything.

Saturday, December 24, 09:46:56 AM

It is a very good movie, especially if consider that is part two. And it's doesn't matter that movie is 3 hours long, it won't let you to relax for a bit till the very end. I would highly recommend to watch it. We had a good time.

Friday, December 23, 12:54:17 AM

I like it very much

Thursday, December 22, 04:47:01 PM

Loved the cinematography, had great takes on the land and in the water. the movie also has a nice plot bringing your emotions into the mix.

Thursday, December 22, 03:30:50 PM

Great movie. Only boring thing is the few boring people who lacked open minds n felt they disliked the movie. Guess there is always a few you can never be pleased.

Wednesday, December 21, 03:41:08 PM

It doesn´t feel like it´s 3 hours long. There are many new characters who have their own subplots, so the running time is neccessary to flesh them out. The visual effects are on a whole new level compared to other blockbusters.

Wednesday, December 21, 09:48:31 AM

The build up of excitement was tremendous - the watching of the movie - SUCH A LET DOWN> just too boring.

Wednesday, December 21, 09:26:44 AM

It was a five star Event Great story line Unbelievable special effects Good acting How they do water scenes Big time sci-fi movie John Cameron Made a masterpiece fun watch And that is my 2nd viewing I was stunned after the first could not believe What my eyes saw

Tuesday, December 20, 11:22:13 PM

Family scenes are great

Tuesday, December 20, 10:42:38 AM

Yes, it is long. However, I was shocked that much time had gone by when I looked at my watch. The story is interesting and keeps moving. The artistry is best viewed on the big screen. The Pandora world's bright, gorgeous color is best seen cascading across the theater screen. While the story is interesting, there were parts that were unclear and made a bit of a leap - but, hey, it is fiction. Overall, I enjoyed it very much and was happy to give 3 hours to take a trip to Pandora.

Tuesday, December 20, 10:18:18 AM


Tuesday, December 20, 09:46:23 AM

Avatar 2 makes blockbusters great again!

Tuesday, December 20, 12:49:03 AM

Been a long time since I left a movie thinking it was worth thew price of admission, this was. Great visuals, great story, even my wife stayed awake until 1am watching in comfy VIP seats. My two girls 24 and 20 loved it as well.

Monday, December 19, 11:42:48 PM

So boring that I fell asleep.

Monday, December 19, 02:57:31 PM

i enjoyed the second installment of James Cameron's Avatar, but i would not bring my grandchildren because the the battle scenes are action packed with violence. Maybe violence is justifiable in today's society, but i am trying to teach my grandchildren to discover creative ideas [or alternatives] within themselves before resorting to violence.