Friday, December 18, 08:04:01 PM

A bit of Aliens,Jurassic Park and other recent sci-fi films.Amazing special effects and an interesting plot.Five stars as a 3D film and 4 stars for plot.A very good fantasy.

Friday, December 18, 07:43:42 PM

If you are into cartoons well yeah...otherwise I dont see they hype....not my cup of tea...

Friday, December 18, 07:11:06 PM

James Cameron at his very best. Wow!!! This film is absolutely spectacular. Forget about the reviews, and see it for yourself. 14 years in the making... and well worth the wait. Thank you James Cameron.

Friday, December 18, 07:00:45 PM

was an AMAZING MOVIE... James Cameron is brilliant, he binding everything in one movie... mindblowingg film....

Friday, December 18, 06:40:49 PM

Extraordinary Film. James Cameron is a genius

Friday, December 18, 06:10:31 PM


Friday, December 18, 05:13:49 PM

saw it on imax 3d. ive never seen anything else like this. i was in complete awe.

Friday, December 18, 04:38:20 PM

very good! seen it last night going again for sure!

Friday, December 18, 04:32:35 PM

Awesome, just breathtaking watching the world of Pandora. Acting was pretty good too. Must-see.

Friday, December 18, 04:15:46 PM

Epic, Stunning, Great story. Just go see it

Friday, December 18, 03:34:43 PM

wow! One of the best movies in 2009.

Friday, December 18, 03:20:32 PM


Friday, December 18, 01:16:26 PM


Friday, December 18, 01:02:24 PM

If not for 2012, this would be the movie of the year!

Friday, December 18, 12:42:54 PM

WOW 300 million price tage and nothing really new... animation was all right but there is and has been better movies coem out. People talk about the groundbreaking animation... if you actually pay attention to the cartoon/video game market the animation is not that great. (it is the cartoon and video game market that keeps making and breaking the new standards in animation) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was a way better movie, better story, and i think better animation without a 300+ million price tag. 300 million here's a great idea hire Micheal Bay. His movies have way less price tags and look so much better. Transformers did a better job at blending computer animation and re

Friday, December 18, 12:03:06 PM

one of the best films ever,its a experience u wont forget, watch it everyone, if you dont ur missing out

Friday, December 18, 11:42:19 AM

Visually Stunning- a world that beyond those in Star Wars!!

Friday, December 18, 10:41:51 AM

I would probably rate this a 4.5, as the storyline is a great but a little familiar and the characters could use a little more development. However, this movie is unlike anything you've seen. The visual effects alone are reason to spend the money on a 3D screening. Just GO.

Friday, December 18, 08:30:22 AM

what a good and awsome movie. 5/5