Monday, January 25, 03:55:03 PM

Best movie ever... amazing storie and graphics

Sunday, January 24, 07:52:10 PM

This movie was really amazing with graphics and all.. but 3D movie made me dizzy..TT

Sunday, January 24, 05:05:12 AM

EXCELLENT!!! Loved it! Great graphics, lovely story, creative scenery beautiful colors, very enchanting imagery. I saw it in 3D but I don't feel it added a lot to the movie, there weren't that many scenes that required 3D. In any case I would go see it again and again and again ( not in 3D mind you).... Fabulous film!

Saturday, January 23, 06:19:05 PM

one of the greatest movies of all time .....u hav to see it ////amazing$$$$!!!!!!!xoxoxo

Saturday, January 23, 04:31:27 PM

I've seen it eight times and I'll see it again. Just freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 10:53:44 AM

greatest film of the year

Friday, January 22, 01:01:47 PM

A spectacularly made CGI rehash of 'Dances With Wolves.'

Wednesday, January 20, 10:48:57 PM

it is so so good show and beautiful colors and etc wow so wonderfully :)

Wednesday, January 20, 03:13:25 PM

One of the best 3-D animation movies to yet be played on the big screen! The details put into this movie is just mind blowing. It makes you believe that these Navi people actually exist and this world created for these people is something spectacular. I recommend everyone see this movie at least once. I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with the imagination used to create this movie, and the characters as well. I can go into so many details as to why you should watch this movie…but I think you get the jiff of it.

Wednesday, January 20, 02:15:56 PM


Tuesday, January 19, 11:52:57 PM

On the list of my favorites movies of all time. Absolutely wonderful and entertaining especially with the 3-D effects just amazing! Loved it from beginning to the very end.

Tuesday, January 19, 04:08:01 PM

OK that movie shocked me one minout i was sad one minout i was happy and during the movie i have to say i was in the front row the crappiest seat in the house and i still loved it

Tuesday, January 19, 01:00:47 AM

Simple but powerful story. There is a good reason why it made a billion dollars in only a few weeks..... it is unbelievable!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 12:53:16 AM

After watching this movie...I just realized that the people who are giving this movie a 1 or 2 stars probably are making asumptions on how bad this movie is before they get in the theater. If you don't like the story fair enough but don't insult the special effects. They're better than starswars effects. But at least see the environmental issues in the story. That much you can respect.

Monday, January 18, 11:59:14 PM

Very good movies, especially with 3D effect

Monday, January 18, 11:15:04 PM


Monday, January 18, 12:28:26 AM

Welcome to the future of the movies.

Sunday, January 17, 10:07:18 PM

Absolutely brilliant! It's Dances With Wolves of the future. This movie has something for everyone: action and a thought provoking story. This is the first movie to blow me away since The Matrix! 5 Stars

Sunday, January 17, 10:01:35 PM

Just Great!

Sunday, January 17, 10:48:14 AM

Great message - don't mess with Mother Nature or she WILL fight back. AMAZING F/X too - worth the trip back I'm making today to share it with other movie lovers.

Sunday, January 17, 12:36:49 AM

I am not a fantasy nor sci fic person, but Avatar was more than what I've expected. I saw this movie in 3D and I am wondering how this effect will change w/o 3D

Saturday, January 16, 10:56:15 PM

One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Spectacular

Saturday, January 16, 02:45:44 PM

Excellent movie in terms of special effects and animation, loved the storyline and the whole Pandora universe!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 01:04:35 PM

A waste of my money, a waste of my time, a waste of my life.

Saturday, January 16, 12:58:54 PM

The creation of this movie was so close to Aboriginal culture through out Canaada and United States aboriginal culture, an excellent movie. Our daughter and niece have seen it over and over, This is one movie to purchase and keep. A beautifull creation of looking into the future.

Saturday, January 16, 11:21:33 AM

Thats the best 3 hour movie ive ever had

Friday, January 15, 03:51:12 PM

Jaw dropping visual effects..storyline a bit predictable, but the best $15 I have spend in a long time!!!

Friday, January 15, 01:27:12 PM

Excellent film. Seen it twice will likely see it a third time.

Thursday, January 14, 08:08:42 PM

best movie I have ever seen

Thursday, January 14, 01:14:51 PM

Super good !

Wednesday, January 13, 11:03:51 PM

James Cameron didn't do anything, he took other people's stories and technology and made a movie with it. Give the storylines back to walt disney, give the animation back to the video game industry and all you have is bad talent and a over priced movie budget

Wednesday, January 13, 11:02:42 PM

Pocahontas meets Fern Gully with some matrix/star wars set in the future.... how about something original. How about something new. I agree with the comments that you must be watching walt disney movies and nothing else to consider this groundbreaking and never done before in the animation department. And the story line was so predictable, I could easily tell you what was gonna happen up to a good 15 minutes before it did happen.

Wednesday, January 13, 08:42:55 PM

It was amazing as seeing Star Wars in the 70's for the first time! You haven't seen nothing yet!!

Wednesday, January 13, 08:40:28 PM

People are saying that this movie is the same as Fern Gully, Dances with Wolves and Pocahontas, Well...this story was already made when these movies were coming out.(Exept Dances with Wolves, it came out awhile back). So what? It's still an awsome movie. It tells us That we need to take care of our own world first. So what more can I say about this movie exept.....A truly must see movie.

Wednesday, January 13, 06:25:24 PM

See it in 3D before it leaves theaters.

Wednesday, January 13, 05:49:24 PM

don get why this movie is so huge, i was disappointed, the story line was totaly predictable, it wasnt really touching or exciting... it's a good movie to watch in imax simply for the graphic effects.

Wednesday, January 13, 02:11:35 AM

Save yourself a couple bucks and rent Fern Gully instead.

Tuesday, January 12, 11:57:28 PM

Simply put as far as movies go, this is is the most visually stunning movie I've ever seen. It also has a beautiful love story that goes not only beyond race and skin color but beyond species as well. It also reveals a very profound spiritual message for any and all leaders and industrialists of this shortsighted and backward planet of ours which is, don't sell your soul because of greed. Respect your world and your civilization before you loose it, which we are in fact loosing. This was also the first movie which forces me to answer yes to the following question. Would you leave your world and your body behind to live on a more spiritually mature world if it were possible? All in all thi

Tuesday, January 12, 02:05:51 PM

Amazing movie, James Cameron has done it again

Tuesday, January 12, 01:08:48 PM