Thursday, December 31, 10:18:21 PM

Simply put this is the best movie I have EVER seen. It is beyond words. The special effects were unbelievable, the plot amazing, the actors simply stupendous. Anyone who does not agree is missing out.....DON'T MISS THIS MOVIE.

Thursday, December 31, 09:47:45 PM

Great movie hope there a 2nd

Thursday, December 31, 08:36:34 PM

great movie!!!

Thursday, December 31, 06:41:52 PM

A visually stunning masterpiece in 3D !! ... For over 2 hours prepare to be immersed into another world. The storyline was pretty good too. There are not many movies I would buy on DVD, but I'm buying this one in blu-ray.

Thursday, December 31, 01:50:27 AM

one of the best science fiction movie ever ! Mr James Cameron , you are the best ,with this movie i was in a world of my dream a world connected to each other. THANK YOU SIR!

Wednesday, December 30, 09:53:48 PM

I watched this movie twice and I still want to watch it. This movie inspired me almost like no other. There are some parts I don’t like but I loved the rest. I hope you guys/girls watch it and enjoy it like I did.

Wednesday, December 30, 09:15:41 PM

great film, not groundbreaking but really good. The story was good, very few people left the theatre for pee or pop, for almost 3hrs and alot of clappping at the end. I hear talk of a trilogy, to be honest I hope not, do not want to wreck a good thing.

Wednesday, December 30, 07:42:19 PM

Very imaginative and crazy computer graphics. It does have a cliched plot but everything was so honest and realistic, it was still very entertaining!

Wednesday, December 30, 04:22:58 PM

THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! i wonder if there will be a sequel?

Wednesday, December 30, 02:43:56 PM

I could never give a film five stars... but this one is close ... very close.... Who thinks these things up... the creatures were fantastic..stoey line pretty good, the visuals stunning...

Wednesday, December 30, 02:36:21 PM

It never ceases to amaze me how much money is spent on special effects, which I have to admit are pretty good here. But, a good story always seems to be an afterthought. This story was decent, but unoriginal. It was clearly geared to a mass audience and a bit corny in places. Essentially, you know the end of the movie about 15 minutes in.

Wednesday, December 30, 01:19:00 PM

best movie ive seen in a long time graphics and scenory where amazing im going to watch it again

Wednesday, December 30, 12:47:19 PM

Absolutely stunning graphics, great plot-line, and best movie of the year by a landslide. Hook, line, and sinker!

Wednesday, December 30, 11:09:38 AM


Wednesday, December 30, 06:31:17 AM

one word PHENOMINAL !

Wednesday, December 30, 03:08:05 AM

i cannot believe how good this movie is.

Wednesday, December 30, 03:02:40 AM

Visually stunning movie with an excellent plot. He is king of the world again

Wednesday, December 30, 12:04:17 AM

4 years to make this movie and I still have no idea how they did it. Looked and felt so real. One of the best movies I have ever seen.

Tuesday, December 29, 11:05:09 PM


Tuesday, December 29, 09:11:30 PM


Tuesday, December 29, 08:31:33 PM

Loved the movie. Can't help but see the "not so subtle" message. This foreign race has something very valuable in the ground that we want. (oil) We make them our enemy and have a reason to invade and take what we want on Pandora. (Middle East) We are strong and many and they are few and without an army so we have to go into the hills and fight them on their terms (kind of like Al Quaeda in Afghanistan. Wow, I really did love the movie and the way it ended. But if it truly is a simily for our current middle east war, it doesn't end in our favor.

Tuesday, December 29, 06:38:51 PM

Great Movie, yet too many final fantasy ideas....the forest just look like Macalania forest in Final Fantasy 10....Avatar people look like Kimahri Ronso in FF10.....taller than human, same skin color, same tail, same ears, same eyes colors, and almost the same look of faces (...just Avatar's version is more human been look).....overall, it's a good movie

Tuesday, December 29, 05:51:09 PM

pretty pictures lame story

Tuesday, December 29, 02:30:56 PM

Amazing. Best movie I've ever seen.

Tuesday, December 29, 01:27:25 PM

The best movie i have ever seen. A definet must see. The effects were like no other movie!

Tuesday, December 29, 12:46:49 PM


Tuesday, December 29, 12:40:30 PM

Absolutely Stunning...Spectacular...the best movie of the decade!A YES...U must see!!James Cameron...THANKYOU!

Tuesday, December 29, 11:49:44 AM

Amazing!! most beautiful Fantasy movie ever created in 3D. Its stunning, and it will make you cry.

Tuesday, December 29, 11:13:21 AM

it was ..............AWESOME

Tuesday, December 29, 02:42:42 AM

The movie is awesome! If you miss it, then you lose the chance to see a new era in film making! This is history, and I want to say I saw it happened!

Monday, December 28, 11:04:23 PM

My God, this is the single greatest movie ever produced XD I just finished it and I want to see it again, no other movie even comes close to this one, a must see. Most definitely the movie of the decade, if not more

Monday, December 28, 08:01:07 PM


Monday, December 28, 07:02:46 PM

This is a terrific film that takes you away from this world's worries and problems for the entire 2 hours and 42 minutes. I've seen it once and can't wait to see it again! This is real entertainment. Bravo, Mr. Cameron!

Monday, December 28, 06:05:37 PM

If it weren't for the much too used dumb american war freak antagonist this movie would have been better. The world created by Cameron and his crew was imaginative. I liked some of the characters but combine the visuals and imagination with someone that actually knows how to write a good screenplay and you could have definitely had a great movie experience. Same old boring plot that you can figure out in the first 20 minutes of the movie made it very disappointing. It didn't suck but with all that money you'd think they could have come up with something worthwhile. What a waste. Cameraon may be a Canadian but he's still a fluff director that ruins potentially good movies just enough to

Monday, December 28, 05:00:56 PM

Amazing movie .. that blew my mind away .. I wish i can do many chores or things to do like 24/7 in two different worlds... to make things get done quickly .. just like as in Matrix or something .. 3D movie which i saw damn awesome .. i will see it again this week to see IMAX this time ... 2 hours and 42 hours are worth in every mintues !!!!

Monday, December 28, 02:55:50 PM

This movie would probably be the best movie of the year! For all those people who rate it 1/5, 2/5 and 3/5 have no taste and are old dull cranky people.

Monday, December 28, 01:17:24 PM

What a wonderful movie! Excellent delivery.

Monday, December 28, 12:30:47 PM

a beautiful movie welldone cameron

Monday, December 28, 11:03:36 AM

OMG ITS AWESOME! And today im going to go watch it for the 2nd timeeeeeeee! I LUC THIS MOVIIEIIIIEEE

Monday, December 28, 03:40:32 AM

best movie of the 21st century