Tuesday, June 4, 07:52:29 PM

I'm actually a fan of Broad City and all of the fem-centric raunchy humor but this movie fails to capture the magic of that upbeat silly realism and instead pushes woke agendas ever so softly but blaringly out of place and distracting. It's cringe and boring. The movie wants to funny, gross out humor, and realistic, with a heart. Instead comes off as benign, boring, meaningless, and pandering and pushy even with its soft push of hipster lefty trendy thinking. It's not a hardcore in your face "woke" movie but tries way too hard to insert unrealistic and out of place things to appease that audience. The bravest thing they did in this movie was afmit that a girl is a girl when born and identified 100% by sex organs which is the defining factor for the terms boy and girl up until the trendy dumb craze of genital denial that swept the nation after 2016 or so. It's nice to real science in a movie so it gets an extra star for that. Like I said I'm actually a FAN of Broad city and the main star's comedy antics. I even watched her lame comedy special when it came out. But this is no broad city. And I would never want to sit through this wannabe hip snooze fest ever again.

Friday, May 24, 10:41:39 AM

Good movie.

Tuesday, May 21, 10:06:27 PM

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