Wednesday, May 22, 06:35:25 PM

There wasn't much thought into the production of this movie. Very basic scenes and portrayed Amy as an uninteresting individual. Could have had more of her writing and childhood.

Wednesday, May 22, 11:43:26 AM

Love Amy...hate this movie.

Tuesday, May 21, 04:38:31 PM

The story is sad but I enjoyed the music and the acting. Marisa Abela was fabulous and should receive a nomination for an academy award for her portrayal of Amy Winehouse.

Sunday, May 19, 01:23:00 PM

Wonderful movie presentation

Saturday, May 18, 08:59:45 PM

It was a great movie. I could watch it all over again.

Saturday, May 18, 05:37:45 PM

Must say acting very good by Marisa Labela who stars as Amy . Fame & Fortune and the wrong path of drugs and alcohol + unlucky in love. Sad life and on the dark

Saturday, May 18, 04:13:03 PM

Amy deserved a better movie.

Saturday, May 18, 08:47:46 AM

Good movie about an epic singer that world lost at young age. If you are a fan of Amy Winehouse, highly recommended.

Friday, May 17, 09:57:44 AM

watch it over and over again. Grab your gal pals

Friday, May 17, 09:28:57 AM

Terrible movie. If you want to watch a good movie about Amy, watch the documentary.

Thursday, May 16, 08:45:48 PM

Not the best bio pic , no, the worst , where did they get the source material. , please people its that bad .

Tuesday, May 14, 08:37:17 PM

Best bio pic of all time