Thursday, June 18, 03:43:21 PM

Love this movie, have seen it so many times!

Monday, July 29, 01:38:31 AM

Had to see it in the theater. A lot of 9/11 predictive programming and some other interesting things. I enjoyed it.

Thursday, October 22, 12:55:39 AM

A classic. Saw it 30 years later and still got a few chuckles.

Friday, September 28, 05:53:51 AM

One word to describe this movie: Incredible! Couldn't be any better. The futuristic words they thought up to say was Pure Genius!! The writer is a Genius too for originally writing this!

Friday, January 28, 06:45:25 PM

Is this the remastered version?!?!?!!? MUST SEE!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 01:23:24 AM

they are all great movies...but..why are they bring all these older movie to the there some kind event happening???

Tuesday, November 9, 11:30:08 AM

one of the greatest movies of the 80s

Thursday, October 28, 07:16:47 PM

loved the movie found all of them on DVD one day and bought didn't even had to think on that one.