Friday, January 17, 04:29:24 PM

It was ok but not a film I would have paid to go see if I knew in advance what I was going to see. Will Smith was not able to save this film. Though the film did not totally bomb it didn't manage to entertain or provoke much laughter. A film like this might have been able to do this 30 years ago but the genre is so overplayed that I can't recommend this film.

Friday, January 17, 11:35:55 AM

Cry and laugh at the same time.

Friday, January 17, 09:52:07 AM boyfriend and I enjoyed it

Thursday, January 16, 10:21:46 PM

The greatest comedy ever!! Move over Hangover

Thursday, January 16, 09:29:51 PM

A friend made me go to this. Wow this was annoying.

Monday, January 6, 06:54:54 PM

More obnoxious overblown trash. Not for anyone with an IQ over 75.

Sunday, May 20, 04:36:13 AM

Finally a movie to get REALLY excited about!!!