Thursday, June 13, 04:57:26 PM

I did like it, smart jokes that are unrecycled do make a funny movie

Thursday, June 13, 09:57:07 AM

I didn't like it. Dumb jokes that are recycled don't make a funny movie.

Wednesday, June 12, 11:36:03 PM

Amazing that more people don’t go to see this, when it's star, Will Smith, is a megastar who can think for himself and doesn’t let a controlling woman pull the strings.

Wednesday, June 12, 11:34:16 PM

I just gave 5 stars as it's just so funny. Time to make more of them, I had so many laughs and that's about it as there were so many other movies on to see that I saw to waste my money on

Wednesday, June 12, 11:31:19 PM

Will smith the greatest of all time

Wednesday, June 12, 03:59:32 PM

I just gave 2 stars as it's just not that funny anymore. Time to retire them but I had a few laughs and that's about it as there were no other movies on to see that I saw to waste my money on

Wednesday, June 12, 09:21:53 AM

Amazing that people go to see this, when it's star, Will Smith, is a milquetoast who can't think for himself and lets a controlling woman pull the strings.

Wednesday, June 12, 05:02:41 AM

I plan on seeing this movie, but I'm here to promote "Young Woman & the Sea". It's not getting the publicity it deserves. Excellently cast & acted w/ the music score equally matched. I saw it again yestaday. I asked two strangers about the movie to see if they loved it as much as I did & their response was as enthusiastic as mine. "Bad Boys" may be fun but "YW &S has heart & will move you. It's not many movies I feel I have to rave about.

Tuesday, June 11, 12:26:59 AM

I’ll support Will smith. He’s slapping the other movies to the top

Tuesday, June 11, 12:26:18 AM

They are oscar worthy actors , so funny and so unpredictable and i stayed in the theater. So good , spend you money. Highly Recommended.

Tuesday, June 11, 12:24:33 AM

Racist one star guy

Monday, June 10, 04:17:31 PM

They are over acting actors , so corny and so predictable and i walked out from the theater. So bad , waste of money. Not Recommended.

Monday, June 10, 03:37:11 PM

Yeah get up on Stage and bitch slap a fellow comedian. I have lost all respect for this so-called movie actor. I'll never support him or his movies that he's in.

Monday, June 10, 01:17:42 PM

Smith is a pathetic queef

Sunday, June 9, 08:05:33 PM

Five star guy is a spastic

Sunday, June 9, 02:59:08 PM

Will smith punched the one stars

Sunday, June 9, 02:58:39 PM

Ignore the one star it’s the same guy. I asked tribute to block him multiple times

Sunday, June 9, 02:00:48 PM

Will Smith is in this movie. He punched my buddy. Not recommended.

Sunday, June 9, 01:51:11 PM

Men who are completely p**sy-whipped have no credibility as action stars.

Sunday, June 9, 01:39:59 PM

Will Smith is a piece of shit. Full stop.

Sunday, June 9, 12:47:35 PM


Sunday, June 9, 12:13:55 PM

This movie is ridiculous. Two old farts doing all these action sequences. The positive reviews are from studio gophers who think that they are going to be a big shot, wheeler dealer in the company.

Sunday, June 9, 09:15:54 AM

Please ignore all the fake reviews , seriously, its bad , first, they both are getting close to 60 ,and well,lets just say ,close ups, are not there friend , when did they become pointy eared hobgoblins , then theres martins penchant for bug eyed , mental hospital, manic ,style of acting . I wanted to love I did , but no story , no point.Bad .

Sunday, June 9, 01:58:17 AM

Steven Todd loves it

Saturday, June 8, 11:29:12 PM

Saved the summer

Saturday, June 8, 11:28:44 PM

I will only go to Will smith movies, Chris rock is a good

Saturday, June 8, 07:08:35 PM

Not bad. The usual shootings, chases, explosions, and the f-bomb are there but it's a good story that's easy to follow. Music is supportive. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are very funny and work well together. And Jacob Scipio (Armando) is awesome eye candy. It's great to see Will Smith back on screen. Chris Rock asked for what he got.

Saturday, June 8, 04:57:49 PM

Won't go to a movie where Will Smith is the star. He assaulted Chris Rock on live TV. Boycott this movie.

Saturday, June 8, 08:13:26 AM

My husband & I saw this movie and we thought it was well done. There could have been more laughs in certain situations but overall we enjoyed it!! Martin Lawrence plays off Will Smith in a good way. I am one of Will's fans and was willing to give him his chance to shine! Some people won't but that is their choice. Good for Will to test the waters and he rose to the occasion!!!

Friday, June 7, 01:56:53 PM

not a big disappointment

Friday, June 7, 09:37:47 AM

Big disappointment.

Friday, June 7, 08:46:16 AM

Super Tantalizing Excellent Vibrant Energetic Terrific Outrageous On Dramatic

Friday, June 7, 01:16:45 AM

Saw the movie earlier this evening better than than the last one and on par with how good the first and second bad boys movie were. Nonstop action packed. Hopefully this movie like all movies these days get support because the movie theaters are quite empty since COVID-19. Yes going to the movies is fairly expensive considering how tough times are but we got to support movies like these otherwise Hollywood will start producing trash like more reality based nonsense. Great movie to watch on the big screen. Enjoy!!

Thursday, June 6, 03:12:48 PM

loooved it!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 6, 12:06:17 PM

he nailed it by making peace w ith chris rock

Wednesday, June 5, 05:05:44 PM

i have seen it 3 times already . BAD BOYS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 04:55:01 PM

best movie of the summer

Wednesday, June 5, 03:52:59 PM

Ride or Die? Here's hoping they go with the latter.

Tuesday, June 4, 09:22:41 PM

Action is back!

Monday, June 3, 12:42:16 PM

he blew it by punching genius chris rock