Wednesday, September 20, 10:17:38 AM

A thoroughly enjoyable film for kids of all ages, not just girls. The CGI artwork, voice talents & soundtrack are all excellent. The story-line, though predictable, works well. A sure-fire Oscar nominee.

Wednesday, September 13, 10:53:20 PM

The movie is wonderful and if you are a ballet fan it will become one of your favorite movies. This is a movie you will want to see live in a theater rather than on a smaller screen at home. Support the incredible artists that made this for us by seeing it in your local theater if you can!! Delightful!!!!

Sunday, September 10, 03:14:13 AM

I couldn't really concentrate on the movie. The seats were ripped up, the floor was sticky and there was a pallid middle-aged man wearing a raincoat and sitting by himself. Creepy vibes!

Thursday, September 7, 09:58:01 PM

I mean if you are 4 you will like this garbage

Thursday, September 7, 09:57:23 PM

If you are 4 sure

Thursday, September 7, 09:57:04 PM

Worst movie ever

Wednesday, September 6, 10:23:09 AM

Watched this movie with my 4 yr old daughter. Was afraid she might not stick with it or pay attention through the whole thing. But she did and she liked it. This is a really good movie for younger girls, to pursue your dreams no matter what. Though probably better to watch for elementary kids and older, 4 yrs old though okay, is probably a bit young to fully appreciate.

Wednesday, August 30, 08:48:49 PM

Whoever complained about the earlier review about it not being a Disney film: yeah, you misunderstood that person's statement, FYI.

Monday, August 28, 12:55:20 AM

Fantastic, empowering, aspiring, and inspirational story.

Sunday, August 27, 04:59:08 PM

Carly Rae Jepson is OUTSTANDING! Best dance film since Black Swan!

Friday, March 17, 03:42:37 PM

I loved this movie! It was really good and both my 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter enjoyed it.

Monday, March 13, 03:52:10 PM

I like it so much and will see it again!

Saturday, March 11, 05:29:08 AM

Whoever commented that Disney could not have done a better job, FYI, it is not a Disney film

Friday, March 10, 05:45:05 PM

My 4 girls loved it. Excellent movie for family.

Thursday, March 9, 03:15:00 PM

Wonderful film - love that Canadian connection

Wednesday, March 8, 02:06:29 PM

Great movie. I took my daughter to see this and I enjoyed it as much as she did.

Monday, March 6, 04:16:28 PM

Loved this movie. Will see it again and then buy it when it comes out!

Monday, March 6, 01:17:43 PM

Very Well done - Story line & characters interesting to keep you laughing crying & caring for the best to happen to the main characters in the story! Disney could not have done a better job!

Sunday, February 26, 09:43:24 PM

An uplifting and fun family movie about pursuing and living your dream. How even those opposing you can become allies and support you if they can resonate with your ambition and drive. How friendship and good people can connect in our lives. And how we can live our dreams. A good movie for children and adults as well.