Sunday, November 6, 01:23:03 AM

This movie only contributes to the fear mongering around blight and POC. I live in Detroit and I've never even seen a street quite like what is depicted here. I was extremely disappointed by the film's clear depiction of poor black citizens I'm so tried of it, this movie is tired, it's unoriginal and damaging, frankly, to communities like that one here in Detroit

Sunday, October 16, 10:48:15 AM

No plot. No story line. Absolutely no frightening parts. Never asked for my money back, but almost did with this one. I bet the Minions was scarier than this.

Monday, October 10, 09:40:09 AM

Watched this movie and waited and waited for something to pique my interest. I thought it would be scary and I don't like scary movies but thought I would give this one a shot. Not sca ry, completely a waste of time.

Thursday, October 6, 11:34:54 PM

Enjoyed the movie! A must watch!!

Friday, September 30, 02:26:56 PM

Worth your time. Interesting twists.

Sunday, September 25, 07:58:38 PM

I found it to be lame.. boring..and mostly comical at best. ti**y Momma was great! lol

Saturday, September 24, 10:09:28 PM

I read the reviews before going to see the movie. Despite many bad reviews and comments I decided to go see for myself. I was surprised that me and my husband actually liked the movie and so did the people sitting around us. It definitely had some unexpected plot twists and some interesting gore. My advise is to just go see it for yourself and decide. If you're worried about possibly wasting money if you don't like it, just go see it matinee. Everyone has different tastes so just decide for yourself :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 12:35:57 AM

Enthralling film that drives up the tension before going completely off the wall in the second half. Scary, hilarious and definitely one to remember.

Sunday, September 18, 05:28:28 PM

Far less Jordan Peele and far more Alfred Hitchcock, this movie will defy any notion you may have about its direction. Brilliantly written, acted, directed and filmed. The twists, turns and jump scares comefast and furious once the story starts to unfold. This will be a true classic that's closed out by its perfectly selected credis song. Some people maynotbe able to follow it but then if it doesn't have a Disney princess they have problems following any not linear.

Sunday, September 18, 04:04:51 PM

Can’t believe someone would admit to making this movie

Friday, September 16, 06:54:06 PM

This movie was the worst I've ever seen in a theater. How did this even make it to the box office?!

Friday, September 16, 10:42:32 AM

In the spirit of Sam Raimi, this film is a great suspenseful horror comedy that shows the difference between life’s experiences through the eyes of men and women.

Thursday, September 15, 03:07:12 PM

Decent story idea. Bad writing, bad acting. The only reason this is labeled as a scary movie is the two, maybe three "jump scares". I wasted money on this so you don't have to. I would go so far as to say, to skip this when it hits TV.

Thursday, September 15, 10:06:11 AM

I thought it was an incredible film. Georgina Campbell was superb as Tess. A single woman who is looking to rent a house in Detroit. Little does she know the truth that lies inside. Bill Skarsgard (Keith) was delightful to watch. While there were great jump scares, there was a great deal of humour to offset the creepiness. While not giving out too much more of the plot, I'll simply say Mother is worth the price of admission alone. Great special effects makeup, excellent camera angles and lighting.

Wednesday, September 14, 08:34:27 AM

No way real people would wander where these people went by themselves. I laughed more than I was frightened.

Tuesday, September 13, 06:27:11 PM

I am perplexed to see that people that rated this movie 5 starts are empty headed comments. I guess Tik-Tok is overachieving the dumbing down of the masses. DO NOT WATCH THIS WOKE GRABAGE

Tuesday, September 13, 06:23:46 PM

Woke. Just garbage

Monday, September 12, 09:40:45 PM

only an idiot would be scared of this movie. It's also not scary for anyone who has ever seen a horror movie before. Nothing original here. I'm not saying it's bad. It's grade c at best. But the hype makes it a let down. And the film is generally trying too hard to push feminist views on men. There's no good GUYS in the film.

Monday, September 12, 09:36:42 PM

If "The Protocols of Zion" was fiction written to stir up Antisemitism then "Barbarian" was written to stir up Misandry and false hope in an anti-white anti-male communist revolution. This movies underlying and thinly veiled political opinion on men is the most horrific part. At best the movie is a generic trope cut about an hour short and plays off stereotypes of human cruelty like Tales from the Crypt. However the message hidden within the everything of the film is entirely dangerous. Women and the Homeless Blacks are Good Guys. White Men and the capitalist system are scum. That's the message. The film is not scary at all. It's pretty tame, more plays on shock and gross out scenes. But far too few of those to even make this a good B movie. It's trying to be Jordan Peele. It's a failure. It's too woke and too short to be an enjoyable pure horror movie. This is a rated R episode of Goose Bumps at best.

Monday, September 12, 06:12:11 PM

Interesting use of lens, and camera angles. Great jump scares, and frightening scenes. Yet tragic and lonesome. A good time at the movies! Even if you go alone. During COVID. On a rainy day. ?

Monday, September 12, 04:35:27 PM

This was a scary movie and the acting was pretty good. The script had a few holes in it especially the flashback scene which was a bit confusing but the negative reviews above seem to be written by the same person who seems to enjoy "panning" every film that comes out. Given the word choice and clumsy use of the English Language, I am fairly certain that this person is a negative troll! They should not allow any reviewer to post more than one review per movie.

Sunday, September 11, 05:07:33 PM

Terrible movie…Terrible acting!! Don’t waste your time!!

Saturday, September 10, 08:37:32 PM

From opening to ending - just sit on the edge of your seats and be prepared to be Scared - Very Scared. Great Movie

Saturday, September 10, 07:43:50 PM

Don't let the bad reviews turn U away - this was really, really good, out of the ordinary - SCARY and nail-biting.

Saturday, September 10, 07:31:49 PM

Hate to say it but have to agree with the spammer. The movie was terrible in my not recommend.

Saturday, September 10, 07:16:08 PM

Scary...very original

Saturday, September 10, 12:12:07 PM

Best movie I've seen in a long time. The guy spamming 1-star reviews clearly doesn't speak English well, maybe that was his issue lol.

Friday, September 9, 09:28:05 PM

Boring can't aspect from these acting people

Friday, September 9, 09:25:29 PM

Acting and concepts are very bad