Wednesday, May 4, 10:03:13 PM

Language was horrible!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 10:02:19 PM

Worst movie I have seen this year. Don't waste your money. I can't believe people like this junk. First one was so much better.

Sunday, May 1, 10:56:57 AM

It is hilarious a must see.

Wednesday, April 27, 10:38:49 AM

Nice Movie

Sunday, April 17, 08:33:16 PM

SO GOOD!!! HILARIOUS!!! Haven't laughed out loud like that at a movie in a looooonnnngg time

Saturday, April 16, 10:07:49 PM

If you've already seen Deadpool, then this is the only other movie out that's worth seeing.

Saturday, April 16, 07:51:11 PM

Loved it ! It's so good and funny!

Friday, April 15, 10:00:14 AM

This was a very funny movie I loved it