Thursday, August 31, 05:59:57 PM

The Barbie theme should be for kids. This movie is not kid appropriate, and dumb for older youngsters. Overall, a boring movie and a waste of money and time.

Thursday, August 31, 10:39:50 AM

As a 1960’s Barbie fan, I was disappointed with the story line. This is not a children’s movie!

Thursday, August 31, 04:09:31 AM

My Best Picture pick.

Tuesday, August 29, 02:53:47 AM

Barbie is so fun and so validating! You know what I mean, women! It’s real, keeps it positive overall, makes fun of itself, and contains the best rant I’ve ever heard. It’s inclusive too- no side-eye towards those who some call “imperfect”.

Monday, August 28, 11:50:52 AM

I heard it was a man-bashing or man-hating feminist movie but I refused to read what the story was actually about. I went with my wife and kids (after a few parents said it would be ok for the kids to watch as there's no swearing or nudity), and I was in shock. I didn't know where they were going with it and I started to think it would be a fish-out-of-water usual movie. NOPE. Totally subverts expectations in every way. It was really original and impressive. I didn't see it as man-hating/bashing movie at all. I saw it as Barbie and her friends rule Barbieland and Ken's have zero real roles of any responsibility. It's an upside down utopia (in a way). The real world has made strides but it is run by men..opposite to what Barbie was the inspiration for a woman to excel and exceed at. I took it as we need to all do better and find real equality between men and women, well really, all people. FYI, Margot Robbie needs to be nominated for an Oscar. She really sold me on her being Barbie, but in an unexpected way. Ryan Gosling needs an Oscar nod to! Freaking hilarious but comically showing us that men are ruling the world and look how quickly we can destroy Barbieland utopia. Simu Liu, Michael Cera (all Canadian!) were awesome. It really is worth seeing.

Monday, August 28, 09:32:49 AM

The first part in Barbieland went on too long. I was tempted to walk out, but I figured I should wait until they're in the real world. It got a little better, but not much. Mostly I felt sorry for Ken, who's in love with Barbie but the Barbie world is for women (I'm female). Ken doesn't really get to do anything. And she doesn't love him back and doesn't want to spend time with him. I was hoping this would be the first Greta Gerwig film I would like, but GG can't act, and she can't direct. IMO anyway.

Sunday, August 27, 07:16:54 PM


Saturday, August 26, 06:04:25 PM

Some funny parts but for the most part it was just a weird, cringy movie. Some scenes were too much for kids and others were too cringy even for kids. Too many songs. The best you will see from this movie is the preview/trailer.

Saturday, August 26, 02:47:36 PM

Total fluff and no substance. Saw it to understand why it was so popular. I think the message about women being in charge of themselves and their environment is so old and worn out, it is a sadly overused cliche. Don't waste your time or money on this nonsense.

Saturday, August 26, 11:44:44 AM

Very colorful but boring. Not worth watching. Do not bring your children to watch it. It will confuse them with woke ideology subliminal and not so subliminal messages.

Friday, August 25, 10:38:50 AM

Blasted a lot of brainwashing I was raised with from a female point of view. How you have to look like her to be worthy etc. What I didn’t expect was how men had to drink the same kool ade, being macho and cool. That was amazing to witness. The ending is great and the journey is wonderful. Maybe we can all escape being put inside a box with a label on it and find out for ourselves who we are and how we want to experience the world.

Wednesday, August 23, 01:52:03 PM

So far, I have seen the Barbie movie twice, but I anticipate seeing it at least two more times in the theater within the next two weeks. As a baby boomer, it was great from an historical perspective. As a lover of satire, it was fantastic! It addresses all of my pet peeves! I saw it with all of my grandchildren and their parents; it was not “uncomfortable”at all, although much of the humor went right over their heads, due to the satirical tone. Many of those people who say they are opposed to this film have not even watched the movie, so if you’re in this bunch, I recommend that you use your OWN head, and not succumb to a “group think” mentality. See it before you judge it. Just sayin’ !

Wednesday, August 23, 09:44:58 AM

Loved the music. The movie was clever, fun, sweet and took twists and turns I didn't expect. Loved the characters. Surprisingly moving.

Tuesday, August 22, 08:55:29 PM

Nothing positive I could pull from this movie at all. Complete waste of my time and money

Tuesday, August 22, 05:28:10 PM

The reverse roles were awesome 😂 Barbie we predicted but Ken’s part had us in stitches 👍🏼

Monday, August 21, 01:50:18 PM

Beautiful! Made me cry

Sunday, August 20, 12:36:31 PM

I am so glad to have this experience with my daughter! Every girl/woman should understand that they can be anything they want to be and not be held back.

Sunday, August 20, 11:36:04 AM

Men vs. Women? Give me a break. Went for my wife and was expecting light, maybe funny. Got a sociopolitical statement instead. But, damn, Robbie is fine

Saturday, August 19, 10:42:49 PM

Notice how all the one stars are coming from people crying about how "woke" and "anti-men" the movie is. Maybe actually try watching the movie instead of hating anything that challenges your world view. Touch some grass as well.

Saturday, August 19, 08:10:51 PM

Great movie and a stellar cast. Perfect movie for the young and old alike.

Saturday, August 19, 05:26:17 PM

It’s wonderful! -Straight white 51-year-old man.

Saturday, August 19, 04:36:25 PM

Too much woke BS

Saturday, August 19, 07:58:24 AM

Lots of twists and turns in the surprising narrative.

Wednesday, August 16, 05:14:47 PM

Full Disclosure on my perspective: hetero male, Ken with brains and body. I found the movie somewhat derogatory towards the "Himbo" Kens. Gosling and Liu are portrayed as simpleton himbos. I understand the film is trying to empower women but really it would not take much for Barbie to outwit the himbos. 2. It is an interesting movie because it asks the viewer to discuss our boundaries in opposite sex relationships and the variables in power dynamics. 3. I did like the director "narrator" over voice acknowledging the asinine scene where Margot Robbie Barbie laments says 'I'm not pretty anymore" (the narrator interjects "director acknowledges Robbie is not the actress to get this point across" It has enough merit to at least spark discussions between men and women.

Wednesday, August 16, 01:26:54 PM

1 hour and 58 mins NOT wasted . It was KENnough

Wednesday, August 16, 09:12:47 AM

bring your friends, girlfriends, kids, parents, and grandparents. Hands down the best movie in ages. Give them all the oscars! It was moving, heartwarming, funny, dramatic, and eye opening. It's filled with amores about today's society and how we view the world

Wednesday, August 16, 09:10:32 AM

best story ever, this is cinema at its greatest

Tuesday, August 15, 10:47:40 PM

No complaints, whatsoever! Barbie is a perfect movie; Robbie and Gosling are Oscar worthy, and the songs by Taylor Swift are the icing on the cake.

Tuesday, August 15, 07:07:39 PM

Rotten story line

Monday, August 14, 04:35:39 PM


Sunday, August 13, 09:55:18 AM

Barbie, the movie, is empowering. The acting is great, the message is positive. Loved it!

Saturday, August 12, 04:32:10 PM

Besides the excellent Margo Robbie playing her role to a tee, the storyline follows the evolution of the characters as they progress from stereotypes to an increased understanding of them, morality, and justice in society. The music is fun, as is the dancing and set scenes. My whole family (wife, daughter, granddaughters, and I) loved it!

Saturday, August 12, 08:47:13 AM

I loved the set design and the honor of the creator- Ruth Handler and her story. So many great messages in the movie. Everyone has their perception on what they understood- for whatever it was- its magic, beauty and art!

Saturday, August 12, 06:59:20 AM

Boring woke movie, not for children, too dumb for anyone older. A waste of money and time.

Friday, August 11, 08:08:40 PM

I went to this movie thinking it was an attack on men and filled with Woke innuendo, but was pleasantly surprised. I am betting the "losers" who give this one star have not even seen the movie or are super male oriented, afraid of women, and why the heck would you go to a chick flick with this attitude dudes??? Haven't you got better things to do if you didn't like where it was going???Seriously sad! That said, this is not a great movie, but I was never bored, had some funny moments, made you think, and really what it shows is that men still run the world ( sorry ladies ). Both Ken and Barbie ( who represent us: male and female ) are pawns manipulated by the corporate world. I thought the beginning was clever, but I think the ending could have had a much better idea. Definitely NOT a kids movie.

Friday, August 11, 06:43:07 PM

It was a fun adventure! The story line wasn’t boring (to me.) It was great to have Barbie in the leading role, not Ken.

Friday, August 11, 04:57:40 PM

Great fun and heart, laughed out loud and cried! Going for a second time tonight with my husband who loved it the first time as well.

Friday, August 11, 04:51:34 PM

Loved it, looking forward to watching it again.

Friday, August 11, 03:40:50 PM

Silly, nonsense, I really wished at least it wouldn’t end by going a toy to Gynecologist! 🤮

Friday, August 11, 03:34:50 PM

I get a big kick out of the theater of it all. The cast is just great and the script is….smart. I’m almost 50 and have watched Barbie evolve over the years. Girls these days go straight from American Girl dolls to video games, so my perspective is sort of a historical one. The dry humor and cultural innuendo was spot on. Oh to be a fly on the wall in the writing room! The wit! Children will likely get bored and lost because it’s just way over their head. The violent part of the first scene was unsettling and off putting. It wasn’t comedic to me, not sure maybe because I’m a mom. It’s now an unwanted memory that I’d like to scrub from my brain. But I guess it did the job of grabbing my attention and creating a sharp contrast for the scenes that follow. I really did enjoy it and my friends agree that when we watch it again we’ll likely discover dialogue that we missed the first time around. Also, any man who feels the least bit threatened by this story needs a serious heart check. Maybe get curious instead of defensive.