Thursday, April 8, 02:07:37 AM

Its a very good film. Very good scenes and good scenery.

Friday, December 14, 07:03:44 PM

I Love this Movie. For a Caribbean movie & actors to make it to the big screen in America is such a huge deal! But for the Bazodee to not be available on DVD in the United States is discrimination!!!! In America Caribbeans are treated like nobodies and there’s so many Caribbeans in America! Every movie shown in the United States is available on DVD so why not Bazodee?

Friday, February 23, 09:09:23 AM

Fantastic movie! When will it be sold on DVD in the United States?

Sunday, July 23, 01:31:05 AM

Simply marvelous. Was not in the theaters too long???? Many did not get to see it. There were only three of us in the theater when I went to see it. This great movie was not well advertised. I would love to purchase the DVD when it becomes available.

Saturday, November 12, 07:54:06 PM

Awesome movie! Well done! Loved the scenery and the rich mix of Trini culture was portrayed only thing that was missing was seeing a snow cone and doubles vendor... lol Definitely a feel good movie!

Wednesday, October 5, 07:25:38 PM

Love this movie! It's like a party in your seat. I left feeling so happy! Machel Montano is an amazing artist. He never disappoints his fans, as usual!! Natalie and the rest of the cast did a great job! Lots of beauty on screen, check out the wealthy Londoner! Trinidad and Tobago's beauty shone through!

Friday, September 30, 03:42:23 PM

Bollywood is best!

Thursday, September 22, 01:55:55 PM

I just saw this last night at the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival and I loved it! It had a touch of Bollywood and it was all things Trini, the entire group did such a great job making this movie. I hope there is a sound track for this movie, I'll definitely buy it!

Thursday, September 22, 12:15:48 AM

Just saw this movie at the Caribbean film festival and i loved loved loved it. If you love Bollywood, or soca or Machel or love stories you'll love this. It all of them rolled into one. Great portrayal of Caribbean culture. Can't wait to watch it again

Tuesday, September 20, 09:08:52 PM

Move over Bollywood! Rise of triniwood. Colorful Foray into cultures

Saturday, August 6, 12:24:51 AM

Liked Everything

Friday, August 5, 04:50:46 PM

great movie