Monday, December 19, 05:16:49 PM

It’s getting worse

Monday, December 19, 05:10:53 PM

The kids were the worst. That dad needs to slap their mouths talking lime that. I so so so want this Lion to win. I’m only hang way through. Boring

Tuesday, October 11, 05:32:39 PM

I could tell you I enjoyed it but I'd be lion.

Sunday, October 9, 09:37:49 PM

Notice the simularity of all the bots saying it was a wonderful movie? It was terrible. I was cheering the lion on to eat those annoying, stupid kids first and then the idiot dad. Darwin failed.

Saturday, October 1, 09:44:45 PM

This movie was great, it was intense and very interesting. Idris Elba was great as well in this film.

Sunday, September 18, 05:44:35 PM

Not much to say here other than it's as predictable as it gets. Idris Elba is good. The performances decent but if you need to use the rest room, you won't miss too much.

Sunday, September 18, 12:46:41 AM

Very Good movie idris elba is a relly good actor . 5 stars

Saturday, September 17, 04:23:20 PM

Not good actors or plott

Saturday, September 17, 01:59:35 PM

All the Actors were awesome, and Idris Elba is my favorite Actor. Great Action Movie. A must see!

Saturday, September 17, 05:14:59 AM

Not very good

Friday, September 16, 06:19:40 PM

Meredith was so annoying. She kept bringing up her mom at inappropriate times. She made me want to pull my hair out.

Friday, September 16, 07:55:57 AM

As someone who has been to Africa 6 or 7 times, I has high standards. I found the film did an accurate job of representing life in the bush. Reality is not always the way Disney wants us to see it. Special effects were well done. It is funny that a British actor was picked to plan an American, but he did a good job.

Tuesday, September 13, 04:40:54 PM

So extremely basic, the plot: family want to re encounter with their family roots in Africa and they get lost from in the middle and then a lion try to kill kill them. that was all if you read my Plot and close your eyes and use an imagination then . you can make your own movie better everything is the movie could be avoided so easily, not twist. honestly it is a ok movie to watch for free. nothing else. now in days is so extremely hard to find an ok movie in the movie theater

Friday, September 9, 06:43:15 AM

I was hoping the Beast would win.

Tuesday, September 6, 10:00:53 PM

I liked the special effects the tension of the attacking lion In the end, the other lions help because they saw the tourist with his friend.

Sunday, September 4, 05:37:02 PM

The kids that were in this movie were so annoying it was hard to concentrate on the movie. They didn't listen to their father and they just were bad actors. The lion looked fake, not real, with bad animation. The dad just did irresponsible things to help get away from the lion which made it very unbelievable. Just plain annoying.

Saturday, September 3, 02:13:29 PM

The anticipation was high and so was the element of surprise. I really enjoyed the movie!

Friday, September 2, 06:18:26 PM

I have not screamed that much in a long time. It is very suspenseful. The actors did a great job. I am going back again.

Wednesday, August 31, 04:44:52 PM

I love the entire movie. Good sound affects. It had me on the edge of my seat. Eventually I did jump up. Great movie, great actors.

Tuesday, August 30, 11:20:48 PM

I REALLY enjoyed this movie! It was shocking and scary a lot of times and was shown as very real. Yes, there were some ‘slow’ moments to set the and stage and get to know the characters but it never took away from the excitement. All the actors played their part so it got me ‘hooked’ into their fear awesome!

Sunday, August 28, 03:08:20 PM

Was glad the movie came to an end - so boring - I was for the lion all the way.

Sunday, August 28, 12:43:17 PM

Really good movie!

Saturday, August 27, 01:37:36 PM

The acting was amateur at best and the plot was quite boring. This was made on a low budget. The scenery and animals were the best part.

Friday, August 26, 08:09:15 AM

I was for the Lion all the way - ha- Story line was boring

Tuesday, August 23, 06:33:55 PM

The actors in the movie did a great job trying to defend themselves from the beast. The movie even had great sound effects and the heroism of the father protecting his daughters from the beast was amazing and having the other lions attack the beast was courageous on the fathers part.

Sunday, August 21, 07:56:09 PM

I wonder how much the actors just improvised. Clues as to what was about to happen were clumsy and unnatural. Idris Elba, my draw to the movie ,was absolutely unconvincing. The ending was telegraphed right at the beginning.

Sunday, August 21, 07:47:18 PM

whoever wrote the story failed miserably to impress with this boring, BS movie. Stay home and be glad U did

Sunday, August 21, 12:09:19 PM

I thought that this movie was very good. The special affects and the scenery were great. Good for the entire family

Saturday, August 20, 06:32:06 PM

I think this movie was well acted and I liked the part where the other Lions helped out and killed the beast.

Thursday, August 18, 06:45:04 PM

Think Jaws... as a lion, only with amazing special effects. The lion. Is it real? I mean - wow. If people think this is a pro trophy hunter movie, did they actually see it? I loved seeing Idris Elba in Africa.

Thursday, August 18, 10:30:17 AM

I hope the lion eats everyone.

Wednesday, August 17, 09:57:26 AM

Anyone involved with this movie should be ashamed of themselves. It only gives trophy hunters a reason to think what they're doing is a good thing when in fact it's a travesty. Leave African animals alone, they're all endangered.