Saturday, April 28, 08:28:17 PM

An intelligent thriller that avoids unnecessary violence and has clever unforeseen twists. The premise of the film [terromism in Berruit] is realistic and well presented. Everyone has flaws. Seems to be a very good description of how modern-day undercover politics works. well worth seeing.

Thursday, April 19, 06:41:44 PM

excellent movie, acting, action

Friday, April 13, 10:07:42 PM

If you are looking for anything that reflects Beirut, Lebanon as a culture, a society or for any historical information reflective of the civil war - this movie is not it. It isn't filmed in Lebanon and in too many instances is totally inacurate. There has never been camels walking down the beach in Lebanon, let alone any walking beside women in bathing suits. To include such a picture discredits the balance of the movie as being anything but a waste of time and money.