Sunday, October 4, 12:01:53 PM

Stupid forced grrrrl power, unlikable characters, glorificationof violence (if there were people who had problems with Joker and called it glorified violence, what the Hell is THIS?), awful costume for Harley.

Tuesday, September 8, 09:54:53 AM

Terrible Film. What a waste of money on making it. IF this is all that someone can come up with for a script then they shouldnt bother making them. Some explicit violent scenes were unbelievable for a 14+ rating.

Wednesday, July 15, 06:30:42 AM


Monday, June 22, 07:35:52 PM

Also I wouldn't take the reviews here too seriously. They were clearly made by the same pimply guy sitting in his mom's basement, over and over. Butthurt over the fact that this movie didn't follow the comic "bible" or that the lead didnt show enough skin. Ew.

Monday, June 22, 07:26:37 PM

The movie was probably one of the most stylish films this year. The stunts were really Harley Quinn. And i was thoroughly entertained. Saw this movie in theatre too, at the recommendation of the cinema attendant. He was a Good (TM) dude.

Monday, June 22, 07:19:53 PM

Look at all the butthurt men in these reviews.. My God. It's not that deep, it was a really great movie!

Monday, June 15, 12:04:52 AM

Terrible disappointment.

Monday, May 25, 12:29:44 AM


Saturday, May 23, 04:48:45 PM

Bad movie with no depth. Suicide Squad had a much better HQ

Monday, May 18, 09:57:19 PM

This wasn’t feminist but y’all can go off

Monday, May 18, 01:10:59 AM

Monotonous, a lot of the same throughout, and somehow managed to make good actresses bad.

Sunday, April 5, 07:27:38 AM

Unlikable characters, awful costumes, agenda before plot.

Wednesday, March 18, 04:26:29 PM

wow Harley quinn bad ass go girl .

Saturday, March 14, 11:37:13 AM

It was great

Saturday, March 14, 09:25:53 AM

Total fail dc.... thanks for nothing 👎🏻

Friday, March 13, 12:26:29 AM

amazing great love Harley qiunn

Thursday, March 12, 04:31:20 PM

Simply said: Garbage movie. Waste of time!

Sunday, March 8, 02:31:23 PM

💩🤢🤮🤭👎🏻👎🏻..... u get the point...

Saturday, March 7, 01:15:55 PM

like others have said how can anyone rate this 5 stars ????

Friday, March 6, 06:09:30 PM

In a word AWFUL

Friday, March 6, 03:05:07 AM

Bad beyond words. Yet another stinker about man-haters

Wednesday, March 4, 01:48:27 PM

This movie needed Anne Hathaway in her catsuit.

Tuesday, March 3, 05:38:11 PM

The best DC movie yet.

Tuesday, March 3, 11:31:51 AM

Suicide squad was garbage and this was even worse....👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤨

Tuesday, March 3, 11:29:10 AM

Why are there so many 5 star reviews??? This movie was total garbage. Worst film to date made by dc. What a waste of money

Saturday, February 29, 04:09:53 PM

Omg the best movie this year loved it great plot!!!!!!

Saturday, February 29, 08:01:11 AM

Okay plot, fair humour, colourful, silly, violent; it was a fun movie. The Birds of prey comic origins changed but it would have fit in with any Harley Quinn comic out there.

Saturday, February 29, 07:56:15 AM

The plot was alright, the humour was fairly funny and thankfully Harley isn’t so much the “quirky”, “edgy” girl she was in Suicide Squad. You can tell Robbie got into the role. To the Birds of Prey comic origins, it didn’t stay true but in terms of a Harley Quinn comic, it was a near perfect rendition. Don’t know where everyone got the “hating men” thing, you would have to be INCREDIBLY sensitive to think those few jokes had any political or truthful stance LOL. All in all; It’s quite enjoyable if you’re a fan of Harley and/or her comics.

Saturday, February 29, 04:28:27 AM

Fun and silly, lots of action and violence. Feels like a true Harley comic :))

Thursday, February 27, 09:22:06 AM

DUMB COMIC MOVIE , doesn't even follow the comic book . I guess if you put flash and jingle on screen sheepel will flock to waste their money . find some other movie to waste it on.

Wednesday, February 26, 02:39:01 PM

A terribly lame movie and a sequel that nobody wanted is just another platform for imbecilic Hollywood feminism; and feminism is just politicized man-blaming. A movie by and for unthinking morons.

Tuesday, February 25, 10:44:56 PM

most fun I've had at a movie theater! it's smart, stylish, funny, & it has amazing characters & amazing action sequences!

Tuesday, February 25, 03:55:34 PM

Good movie to support empowering women

Tuesday, February 25, 08:37:11 AM

We want to see strong women out there who aren’t in skin-tight clothes. Bring us strong women who look like US!! All shapes, all sizes, not airbrushed, push-up bra’d and more Real diversity!!

Monday, February 24, 11:37:36 PM

I had to sit through this for about two hours? The plot did not make any sense and the scenes did not have any sequence. I want my money back.

Monday, February 24, 08:04:43 PM

Hollywood is so out of touch. Is this what women want? Do they agree with this movie? I don't think so, other than some of the fanatical academic types. I don't think the typical woman hates men. Ewen Macgregor said this is a feminist movie in interviews. They marketed it as one.... but is it really hat women want, or is Hollywood out of touch?

Monday, February 24, 06:34:33 PM

Typical Harley Quinn movie. My only complaint was the theater had the volume to high which I feel is a distraction.

Monday, February 24, 03:05:32 PM


Monday, February 24, 09:52:42 AM

she is funny an outrageous an you dont have alot of action movies with women as the lead yea!

Sunday, February 23, 10:37:53 AM

Preteen humour not really adult humour. Could have been made better.