Wednesday, September 13, 08:28:52 PM

Not a bad movie , acting was a tad cringy but that kind of reminded me of the old Kung Fu flicks from the 70's . A fun choice if you like the Chop Saki flicks haha

Saturday, September 9, 06:30:05 PM

It's alright. Lots of Kung, but a bit short on the Fu

Tuesday, September 5, 07:54:16 AM

Amazing. Worth seeing and gives some really interesting life story of Bruce Lee. MUST SEE MOVIE!!

Sunday, September 3, 03:21:37 PM

Good Action movie if that's all you are looking for. Great Kung Fu

Saturday, September 2, 07:16:45 PM

Good: Nice narrative, characters somewhat developed, excellent fight sequence and choreography. Not so good: Could not stick to either biographical accuracy or mythical narrative; Monk character lacked development of his internal turmoil, while Bruce's character could have been further developed, i.e. show more humanity, be less impersonal. In general, most characters could have done a better job of appearing human!

Friday, September 1, 09:10:06 AM

Actually think the movie gives you an idea of who the people were in life and an understanding of Kung Fu and what it is truly about and for in life. Go see it and see how amazing the art is and how good someone can be at or I should say with Kung Fu and it's principle.

Tuesday, August 29, 01:03:47 PM

This movie is not about Bruce Lee, it's about friendship. It's how Kung Fu master and another master has a common goal, to find their life again. A great movie. The guy who played Bruce Lee is awesomely, amazingly good. See it if you have the heart.

Tuesday, August 29, 12:23:22 AM

As a fan of the genre, I LOVED it!! The big fight scene is terrific!! bob

Saturday, August 26, 05:26:07 PM

I loved this movie and message.

Friday, August 25, 04:52:35 PM

It was a good/fun movie, but is not what the promos make the movie out to be. Bruce lee is more of the co star/side story than it is about his student and the wing chun master from China. Also I am no scholar of Bruce lee's history, but I feel a lot of how they depict him is false. It's a fun movie but it is not really a Bruce lee movie. If you need a action fix watch Ip Man, Bruce lee's teacher.