Friday, January 10, 02:59:35 PM

A despicable cash grab. Poor Bob Clark, he's spinning in his grave once again. I wish physical harm on Jason Blum.

Thursday, January 9, 12:40:54 PM

MORE crap to trash the Christmas season .

Thursday, January 9, 12:39:16 PM

how many more years of this garbage must we endure ?

Saturday, January 4, 09:10:11 PM

It doesn't deserve even one star, I sincerely regret spending money on this shit :(

Saturday, January 4, 01:10:23 PM

Terrible! A movie made by parasites for morons.

Tuesday, December 31, 02:56:01 PM

I feel like the movie was okay but what the heck you go in there watch a part of the movie and suddenly want everyone to die . DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Tuesday, December 31, 02:17:51 AM

This sucked. Don't waste your money. Give it to me instead.

Friday, December 27, 10:59:47 PM

Just not well done at all, and degenerates into silliness at the end. Guru Bob generously says 25/100

Thursday, December 26, 06:40:36 AM

Take your money and burn it...this would be more entertaining...

Wednesday, December 25, 04:15:05 PM

You will pray not a single student survives once you start to watch this garbage.

Saturday, December 21, 09:43:09 PM

Quite simple...they grind these "movies" out to make money...enough Said.

Saturday, December 21, 09:24:39 PM

I loved it

Saturday, December 21, 01:20:30 PM

i loved it

Friday, December 20, 06:55:05 PM

One star only because 0 was not an option.

Friday, December 20, 05:18:26 PM


Monday, December 16, 10:23:15 PM

This sucked so bad!

Monday, December 16, 04:12:38 PM

What are all these needless and unwanted movie remakes except artistic appropriation? Yet again Bob Clark's 1974 horror masterpiece is plundered by parasites. Apparently the atrocious 2006 remake wasn't enough. Now the bones are being desecrated again so Hollywood "progressives" can graft a tiresome feminist message onto this. Ugh!!! This is terrible! Boring and completely unscary! Everyone involved in the making of this garbage should be punished for this.

Sunday, December 15, 07:05:37 PM

This is one of the dumbest, most ridiculous, crappiest, least scary movies that I have ever seen - just a complete waste of time and money no matter who you are!!! I would not even pay a quarter to see this movie, if you could even call it that. We both left the movie completely after a short while. DO NOT GO TO THIS MOVIE!!! It is not worth even one star but they force you to put something there before you can even submit the Review - why??

Sunday, December 15, 12:15:53 PM


Saturday, December 14, 05:19:44 PM

It is the typical race filled POS as are 99.9% of all trash made movies in Hollyweird......I was given a ticket because I sure as hell would never pay to see this crap.

Friday, December 13, 11:40:35 AM

The students of Hawthorne College must have been there for 15 years because none of them look much like college students but people well north of 30 years old.

Friday, December 13, 11:38:43 AM

the 1974 version was a good, creepy movie for its time. this attempt , another remake! . Which seems this is all American cinema can do . Looks very bad!! . Like the new Charles Angles bomb . I'd stay away . But recommend the original.