Sunday, March 25, 01:55:32 AM

If you’re wondering whether or not to see this movie, don’t. It sucks and that’s all I have to say. The movie is dragged out waaay too long and lacks an exciting plot. If you’re interested in the civil war of Waconda then see this movie, otherwise save your money or see something else. Bummer.

Saturday, March 24, 11:38:34 PM

The few exciting scenes were diminished by the overall sluggishness of the plot due to long periods of needless dialogue.

Saturday, March 24, 10:20:14 PM

awesome movie and seen it 5 times and really enjoyed :)

Saturday, March 24, 10:15:04 PM

A crudely imagined failure to depict this character and world in the spirit of the franchise that it deserved.

Saturday, March 24, 06:29:42 PM

I loved this movie and I am not a marvel fan. I am in my late fifties and am going to see it again. The story line was amazing and the message for me was powerful!!

Saturday, March 24, 06:16:19 PM

Storyline was interesting, action-packed, and great actors!

Saturday, March 24, 04:42:54 PM

Saw it twice!! Refreshing, great cast. Will be purchasing this movie as soon as it's released.

Saturday, March 24, 04:32:17 PM

Thought provoking & beautiful cinematography

Saturday, March 24, 02:56:28 PM

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 02:40:01 PM

This movie is really really a must see sooooo much anger in the comments I saw.

Saturday, March 24, 02:02:10 PM

Loved it!!!

Saturday, March 24, 01:49:17 PM

There seem to be some trolls on here, the movie was fantastic, there is no way it got that low of a review, people loved it everywhere else, I'm really impressed by it personally so idk what y'all are talking bout with the 1 ?... (I'm not from the same culture as this movie btw, so no biasty)

Saturday, March 24, 12:59:55 PM


Saturday, March 24, 12:59:13 PM

great characters and plot

Saturday, March 24, 12:24:46 PM

Not much here to talk about. It's a movie to fill in the winter months until they put the good movies up in summer.

Saturday, March 24, 11:47:44 AM

I liked the CGI, it was done well. Problem is the credibility of the story line. It was trying too hard to create an alternate reality such as Africa is the greatest nation on earth. It was hard to watch so many native dances after a while. Didn't seem to fit with the comic universe, a bit too serious I thought.

Saturday, March 24, 09:53:39 AM

Decent movie but overhyped and not as good as many reviews make it out to be. Original Guardians of the Galaxy still s much better story and emotional involvement. Never became emotionally attached to the heroes in this movie. Too many drawn out boring sections of the movie which didn’t advance the story

Saturday, March 24, 12:59:42 AM

Absolutely understand why this movie is on course to becoming the highest grossing film in history. Multiphasic story development, action packed, strong character roles, emotionally a roller costed ride, great comical relief,visually stimulating, I really thought the female roles were refreshing and empowering, I have returned to see this movie more than three times already. Last thought is, I am happy Stan Lee followed his vision to tell of a Marvel universe that was diverse. Black Panther fits perfectly.

Friday, March 23, 11:17:23 PM

The " Black Panther" movie was an outstanding movie of all times. Exciting, imaginary, true sci-fi, futuristic and just plane amazing. The Black Panther actors were very true to their characters. The Marvel producers and the writers partnered together with extraordinary vision and created this movie to be enjoyed by every age group. I remember when my brother would collect the Marvel comic books and place them in special protector folders like precious gold. Now I know why he was so protective of his comic books. He saw the future of his investment on the big screen. I also loved at the end when the producers previewed the next Marvel movie. Fantastic movie Black Panther Rocks !!!

Friday, March 23, 08:37:28 PM

amazing Marvel movie;funny in parts, much action; great story

Friday, March 23, 07:52:13 PM

Absoulutely amazing.

Friday, March 23, 07:30:01 PM

Probably the best Marvel film to date. The only recent movie that comes close is Thor: Ragnarok, and that was my previous favorite.

Friday, March 23, 07:13:30 PM

Great movie.

Friday, March 23, 06:54:41 PM

What a snore fest! I took a washroom break in the middle and that was more exciting than what was on the screen.

Friday, March 23, 06:15:35 PM

Great marvel comics movie.Did the character justice.Lots of big action fun.

Friday, March 23, 04:38:16 PM

We all know why this silly movie got good ratings at first and who kept voting for those ratings don' t we ? Now look at the ratings.

Friday, March 23, 04:18:37 PM

This movie was Excellent and is definitely a 5 star movie, whom ever is rating this movie with one star is a joke. This movie didnt gross over a billuon dollars for nothing.

Friday, March 23, 03:55:12 PM


Friday, March 23, 03:50:28 PM

Excellent movie in all aspects! I loved the diversity and the ability to finally see a film that features people of color with a full range & depth. I also enjoyed the great cast, the technological aspects and seeing the beauty of Wakanda. I have already seen the movie twice...and will see it again.

Friday, March 23, 02:19:13 PM

Excellent movie.

Friday, March 23, 01:27:55 PM

Some good action scenes but not enough of them.

Friday, March 23, 01:05:51 PM

Not typical of a good Marvel interpretation of a superhero. I saw many people leaving to get snacks and return to their seats, not the usual for a great movie. I enjoyed most of it, but editing lacked..some parts could have left out and I don't think the movie would have seemed so long and tedious in parts.

Friday, March 23, 12:47:38 PM

Loved the entirety of this film! BRAVO THE BLACK PANTHER! 💞💞💞🍷

Friday, March 23, 12:38:55 PM

My sister chose this movie. I wasn't really excited to see it but was pleasantly surprised. Would actually go see it again. Terrific ending!!

Thursday, March 22, 10:19:03 PM

I was impressed with the high level of production quality and the high engagement level of the action and content of this movie. I drank too much tea earlier in the day and had to run to the bathroom in the middle (please pardon me if this is too much information), and I rushed to get back in so that I wouldn't miss a moment of the action. Unfortunately, I missed a pivotal moment so, I think I'll see it again... in 3D just to get a different experience next time.

Thursday, March 22, 08:54:46 PM

Great film which ends positively

Thursday, March 22, 05:40:35 PM

An inferior version of what Black Panther really is in the comics.

Thursday, March 22, 05:34:30 PM

Weak. Too long, and badly cast.

Thursday, March 22, 02:25:33 PM


Thursday, March 22, 02:24:22 PM