Saturday, March 10, 06:17:16 PM

Probably the worst Marvel's movie.

Saturday, March 10, 06:16:35 PM

They lost me when the CIA guy said Michael B. Jordan's ghetto-talkin' character graduated from M.I.T. My ability to suspend reality only goes so far.

Saturday, March 10, 06:15:26 PM

A lion king story modernized with some high tech outfits injected with some fighting, shooting, and tribal dances. A brilliant blunder.

Saturday, March 10, 06:14:27 PM

There is little creativity here in terms of storytelling; the villain is probably the best thing about this movie, even if his fate is as predictable as the majority of Marvel villains.

Saturday, March 10, 06:13:18 PM

Forrest Whittaker is wasted as a non-developed character with too short screen time, on top of the scene being rushed his final scene has no impact as a result. Martin Freeman is too fish out of water as well.

Saturday, March 10, 06:12:10 PM

Acting ranges from disastrous to surprisingly solid. But the main flaw is that just a vehicle to make a political statement.

Saturday, March 10, 06:11:23 PM

Two or three good parts don't make an entire movie.

Saturday, March 10, 06:10:13 PM

Main story is bad.

Saturday, March 10, 06:09:43 PM

Marvels engine appears to be losing its steam with each movie. Visually it was ok, everything was dull and boring.

Saturday, March 10, 06:08:58 PM

Take Thor Ragnarok screenwriting, delete all the jokes and fun (literally there is 2 jokes in Pantera, and just inverse everyone's skin color. Ridiculous.

Saturday, March 10, 06:03:30 PM

Essentially, it's the Lion King. Main character is overthrown by a relative who then proceeds to take the throne and make everyone believe the hero is dead, only for the hero and a small band of companions to return and fight off the villain and retake the throne.

Saturday, March 10, 06:02:41 PM

The villains motivation is completely basic. All the characters have no complexity at all.

Saturday, March 10, 06:01:08 PM

Everything besides the music and the color pallet is painfully average.

Saturday, March 10, 05:59:02 PM

Devoid of action through most of it.

Saturday, March 10, 05:58:23 PM

I've had issues with the last couple of marvel movies that everyone seemed to love. Thor Ragnarok and this one. Black Panther isn't a bad movie at all but it's not as good as any captain America movie for example. Too much hype.

Saturday, March 10, 05:56:50 PM

It's just not that great of a movie.

Saturday, March 10, 05:55:43 PM

Worst movie so far this year after A Wrinkle In Time.

Saturday, March 10, 05:53:51 PM

I love the African accents. I did not have any problems with that since they tried to kept the original idea of Africa.

Saturday, March 10, 05:53:36 PM

Movie seems to fail at every step from the start. It tries to be witty, smart, elegant at the same time, but lacks everything.

Saturday, March 10, 05:52:57 PM

This movie is nothing special plot wise really. It doesn't really feel believable, and the conflict was highly unnecessary.

Saturday, March 10, 05:51:57 PM

A bad experience with some high points.

Saturday, March 10, 05:51:08 PM

Really hurts when you can't change the article where reads Black Panther best movie at the box offices. lmoa.

Saturday, March 10, 05:50:58 PM

Didn't see Civil War with Black Panther in it, so I do not know if he was fleshed out there, and they simply continued his character expecting us to know what he was like. However, I felt as if he were all serious, and there wasn't much to his character. This goes the same for all other characters, even Killmonger. Yes, we knew his backstory as well, but it would have been nice if he was fleshed out a bit more. We know all the characters' morals, but who are they really?

Saturday, March 10, 05:47:32 PM

Looked like something out of Tron not marvel.

Saturday, March 10, 05:46:35 PM

The movie was boring, so was the story with a very ridiculous looking final fight scene between Black Pather and Killmonger at the end.

Saturday, March 10, 05:45:19 PM

The best performance was Martin Freeman but that is too insignificant to save this movie.

Saturday, March 10, 05:44:04 PM

The script was disappointing.

Saturday, March 10, 05:43:17 PM

It makes statements about colonialism, US foreign policy, slavery, etc, etc, basically all the social justice issues that Black Lives Matter discusses. But it doesn't make the statements well.

Saturday, March 10, 05:42:16 PM

One has to have low standards to like this.

Saturday, March 10, 05:41:26 PM

A dumb and meaningless story.

Saturday, March 10, 05:40:39 PM

The main baddie was arrogant and angry to a point of being also not really believable or sympathetic, though the movie obviously wants you to sympathize for him.

Saturday, March 10, 05:39:06 PM

The trailers were better than the movie!

Saturday, March 10, 05:38:03 PM

I kind of liked the Claw guy or whatever his name was as he was the closest thing to humour in the movie besides the lame attempt to be trendy with the "what are those" joke.

Saturday, March 10, 05:37:28 PM

Overall the acting was bland. Even Martin Freeman was a bore.

Saturday, March 10, 05:36:43 PM

Our anti-heroes logic behind things are extremely flawed. He is supposed to be a villain who people sympathize for because of his cause, but he honestly just seems like a radical BLM terrorist.

Saturday, March 10, 05:35:25 PM

The lines were so generic as to be funny.

Saturday, March 10, 05:34:02 PM

Too slow to be called an action movie.

Saturday, March 10, 05:33:31 PM

This movie is quite good. It's obvious that one person is trying to manipulate the ratings by repeatedly rating one star and saying nothing. Its funny that someone called him a one star troll. It's hilarious actually.

Saturday, March 10, 05:33:04 PM

I love the way that they make the Villain "Klaw" a South African!....the remnants of apartheid that took place in that Country, is lovingly reborn and brought to the forefront in this movie. The first 30 minutes is really dark so it's practically impossible to see what's going on much less understanding the English language through the really bad African accents put on by the cast.

Saturday, March 10, 05:32:11 PM

Wakanda is essentialy a city state living in welfare chauvinism, locking away their space grade technology to only benefit a select few.