Thursday, March 22, 12:04:45 PM

Wow... how is this movie not being protested. The BLM should be all over it for racial stereotyping and especially the fraud being portrayed when the country of Wakanda clearly has the ability to become a world dominance but choose to hide their advanced technology so they can continue to get financial support. (Wow). How are the comic fans not rebelling against this snore fest, how are movie goers not rebelling against the cost of admission for 20 minutes of content. I napped in the middle of it. Could have done that at home.

Thursday, March 22, 11:22:54 AM

Just fantastic.

Thursday, March 22, 06:37:27 AM


Thursday, March 22, 04:20:56 AM

I can’t wait for the sequel.

Thursday, March 22, 04:07:31 AM

Better than anything this year.

Wednesday, March 21, 09:27:39 PM

Sooooo good!!

Wednesday, March 21, 08:39:51 PM

This movie is like snail racing. You can leave for half an hour and upon returning, haven't missed anything. When I actually did get up to exit the theater I was thrilled that my legs worked and hadn’t fallen asleep as had most of the neurons in my brain.

Wednesday, March 21, 06:53:01 PM

Could have been a classic worthy of sitting beside the rest of Marvels movies but failed miserably.

Wednesday, March 21, 06:09:02 PM

I think it's a little difficult to agree with all these one star reviews. Yes the plot was generic and it felt like a character building movie rather than a plot movie, however, the depth of the film was original. It touched on themes that not many people want to acknowledge or refuse to recognize because of arrogance. It's an aesthetically pleasing movie to watch, the music was phenomenal, and if you thought this movie was great but liked Spiderman: Homecoming.. I have news for you :) You're a hypocrite cause it was pretty much the same thing

Wednesday, March 21, 05:46:26 PM

A fun, action film. It is what I expected to see when I went in. Not disappointed.

Wednesday, March 21, 03:50:50 PM

entertaining - good message, visuals and action.

Wednesday, March 21, 03:43:22 PM

A movie that's more style than substance.

Wednesday, March 21, 03:34:20 PM


Wednesday, March 21, 12:12:01 PM

Wow, this was such an amazing, action packed, deep story/message movie. A must see as you discover another Marvel superhero. All the hatred/dislike of closed minded people-wake up. Something can be learned by everyone.

Wednesday, March 21, 11:56:39 AM

FANTASTIC MOVIE! IGNORE THE RATINGS! I saw it 4 times, and each time I see how it far exceeds most action movies! Go see it and STAY FOR THE TWO ENDINGS! Do not leave after the first ending!

Wednesday, March 21, 11:38:57 AM

Best movie ever!!

Wednesday, March 21, 01:51:30 AM

A good portion of the movie could have been cut without affecting the story. As it was, the unnecessary length made the kids fidgety until they began complaining they wanted to go home.

Wednesday, March 21, 12:56:54 AM

I wanted to see Black Panther on the big screen despite being warned not to pay for it so can't complain as this travesty unfolded before me.

Wednesday, March 21, 12:28:59 AM

The beginning and end was decent but the rest of the plodding movie doesn't belong in the Marvel Universe. Hopefully they will correct this for the sequel.

Wednesday, March 21, 12:15:31 AM

A movie mired by its own hypocrisy and misplaced self importance.

Tuesday, March 20, 11:50:23 PM

Wow I was very impressed! I have never read the comics and had no expectations but I was very happy that I went. All around good movie.

Tuesday, March 20, 11:48:25 PM

Best movie I have seen in a long time! Ignore the ratings as it is too good to miss!

Tuesday, March 20, 11:46:16 PM

Love love loved it!!!! Excellent movie, wonderful story line, and I am excited to see it again! I don't understand the low ratings as all my friends and family loved It!

Tuesday, March 20, 06:38:05 PM

If DC created this movie I'd expect it to be mediocre but was unpleasantly surprised with how it dragged on and on.

Tuesday, March 20, 05:53:06 PM

If you are a fan of the comics you will be disappointed.

Tuesday, March 20, 05:41:38 PM

The only reason I saw this show is because Danai Gurira of the Walking Dead is in it. She's OK in this movie. I just did not like the movie . Too much talking and not much substance.

Tuesday, March 20, 05:31:45 PM

I am seriously upset about all the hype this movie is getting. I watched it last night and it was not good. I think it is doing well because Millions in tickets were donated to black kids in poor areas to be able to see the show. This does not reflect the true numbers of how many people bought tickets for themselves.

Tuesday, March 20, 04:59:20 PM

Enjoyed every minute of this movie, it was full of action I never knew what was going to happen next. The technology was the best I have ever seen and the storyline was written very well. I’m going back to see it and this time I’m taking my grandson

Tuesday, March 20, 04:09:06 PM

Completely forgettable.

Tuesday, March 20, 03:23:58 AM

I love this movie

Monday, March 19, 07:55:58 PM

Not much of a movie. I took my kids expecting action and instead it was a lot of talking. It was not really a drama or a superhero movie or even action. It was a little of everything but not really combining into anything. It`s mediocre at best. I went hoping to see another Captain America or even another hulk or something, but this was, I don`t know, just not it.

Monday, March 19, 07:00:22 PM

The movie was excellent! It was well made! it explored technology that far beyond the expected norm.

Monday, March 19, 04:50:50 PM

I loved seeing the power and respect given to the women in the movie. I really enjoyed the car chases and fight sequences. I felt it also taught a lesson about the fruitless pursuit of revenge versus forgiveness.

Monday, March 19, 04:08:31 PM

Action, finally African Americans are really showing their Gifted Talents.

Monday, March 19, 02:52:48 PM

If every superhero movie were like this one, we would have no need for sleeping aids.

Monday, March 19, 02:30:37 PM

38.67% can't be wrong can they? The paid five star guy is off his meds today. Please ask yourself, if this movie were five star, then what of Million Dollar Baby? Gone With The Wind? Lord of the Rings? West Side Story? Amadeus? Gandhi? It's a badly done superhero flick that makes Green Lantern look like Patton. I suppose this is a result of today's education system. The shiniest thing is now the bestest thingy.

Monday, March 19, 12:39:01 PM


Monday, March 19, 12:29:14 AM

When you look at the options for movies these days, it's amazing that not all the theaters have boarded up shop yet. Black Panther, then Wrinkle in time? Red Sparrow? How about we just take a winter vacation and stop showing movies when there is evidently no good ideas to be had save for the bastardization of existing stories?

Monday, March 19, 12:26:41 AM

Insipid crap that's only good for the addle minded, or the guy who posts 5 star reviews all day.

Monday, March 19, 12:25:23 AM

Boseman says Trump should either listen to him or resign. That's the mindset of this actor right there. No thanks. Myself? I only listen to smart people, he's not on that list.