Saturday, March 10, 04:44:05 PM


Saturday, March 10, 04:43:41 PM

I love Marvel Movies. Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and on and on. Been a big fan since the 60s but this latest rendering was weak.

Saturday, March 10, 04:43:21 PM

Definitely worth seeing.

Saturday, March 10, 04:43:21 PM

A groundbreaking classic of incompetent movie making.

Saturday, March 10, 04:41:53 PM

A real disappointment.

Saturday, March 10, 04:41:24 PM

Great story, great acting. Best movie of 2018 so far!!

Saturday, March 10, 04:40:21 PM

It was great...

Saturday, March 10, 04:38:21 PM

The CGI was good in some parts but not in others. The fight at the end between T'Challa and Killmonger when they both had on their suits looked like they were made of rubber.

Saturday, March 10, 04:37:10 PM

It was great! All you rating one star are fools. Lived up to the hype and more.

Saturday, March 10, 04:35:29 PM

I don't not care for political correctness being in superhero movies and wish they could have just let it be a fun and entertaining movie solely. Ultimately disappointing.

Saturday, March 10, 04:33:57 PM

If they make another one hopes that new writers will be employed.

Saturday, March 10, 04:31:50 PM

Unfortunately the magic that I had hoped for was lost along the way. The story line was acceptable but the character of Killmonger was flat and not interesting at all.

Saturday, March 10, 04:30:13 PM

As this is a superhero movie I would have rather it stayed away from being preachy even in the slightest. This isn't a sweeping historical drama, this is an action movie. Or so it should have been.

Saturday, March 10, 04:27:15 PM

It's sad when the most interesting about the film takes only 10% of the movie, the rest is really lackluster, especially the plot and the character development.

Saturday, March 10, 04:25:40 PM

Not a lot to say about the acting, some really poor line delivery from the cast across the board except for Andy Serkis. No one was particularly charismatic, the main character for instance was extremely boring.

Saturday, March 10, 04:23:46 PM

Black Panther was extremely average, I have no idea what these critics/review bots are talking about when they say that it is the best Marvel movie and worthy of "critical" praise.

Saturday, March 10, 04:16:39 PM

A cinematic failure.

Saturday, March 10, 04:16:36 PM

Please, please, please, don't make a sequel.

Saturday, March 10, 04:15:37 PM

Over 100,000 tickets block bought and distributed for free in Detroit and Chicago alone. It's so good they give away seats to get people to see it.

Saturday, March 10, 04:14:07 PM

Two older people in the audience turned to each other and started talking about the weather. Nuff said.

Saturday, March 10, 04:12:44 PM

Over the top action is about 5% of the movie. It looks nice, you want to see more of it. But instead you get discussions about Wakandan politics and the questionable choices of the main character's father.

Saturday, March 10, 04:11:43 PM

The directer actually wants you to root for the most useless and impotent king ever.

Saturday, March 10, 04:11:10 PM

I wish there was something to applaud, but there isn't. It's goofy, badly directed, and predictable. If there were some humor, it might make it more palatable, but in this instance, it's not.

Saturday, March 10, 04:10:10 PM

Was elated to leave when it ended.

Saturday, March 10, 04:08:52 PM

An interesting city? 5 minutes of screen time. Witty jokes? Like 3 in the whole movie, and the funniest character gets killed after like 40 minutes.

Saturday, March 10, 04:06:50 PM

It's seen as a reflection of reality, and the quality of the movie when most believe Thor's Asgard possibly exists, more so than a possible Wakanda.

Saturday, March 10, 04:05:52 PM

I predicted nearly every "plot twist" 5 minutes before they happened.

Saturday, March 10, 04:03:07 PM

A recycled Thor movie, but without Thor.

Saturday, March 10, 04:01:18 PM

Marvel has damaged it's reputation with this one. Shouldn't have sold to Disney.

Saturday, March 10, 03:59:25 PM

Someone said there was a joke in the movie? I thought the whole movie was the joke.

Saturday, March 10, 03:58:33 PM

Some special effects were good, others weak. The first 20-25 minutes were pretty slow before things picked slightly.

Saturday, March 10, 03:56:29 PM

Stan Lee says, maybe we should make a good movie about Black Panther next.

Saturday, March 10, 03:54:55 PM

Was really ready for a great super-hero/action film, and it just wasn't compelling enough

Saturday, March 10, 03:54:52 PM

Wolverine, Iron Man, even Thor. People I know went to see those multiple times, and would talk about them. I have not met a single person who even bothered to discuss the film or see it a second time. I go by referrals, and this one seems to not have that vibe going.

Saturday, March 10, 03:50:03 PM

A movie you can take dead people to. They won't leave, protest or take your popcorn. Stan Lee asked to be edited out of this one. He's telling people it;s a DC movie.

Saturday, March 10, 03:48:40 PM

44.67% of population can't be wrong. This is a dud.

Saturday, March 10, 03:47:58 PM

A weak movie for weak minds. Marvel used to make great movies, now that Disney has control it's all PC nonsense, and dialogue. Action scenes cost more money.

Saturday, March 10, 03:42:10 PM

This just felt like a really average superhero movie with dumb jokes and a story like any other.

Saturday, March 10, 03:41:28 PM

We chose today to watch this movie since today’s is raining cats and dogs. Lol Perfect time and day. Very relaxing film.

Saturday, March 10, 03:39:35 PM

I went to see this movie and I think it was a good film. Marvel did a good job working in this kind of master piece movie.