Sunday, March 18, 12:15:36 PM

A solid movie to be sure, but not nearly as good as the unbelievable hype it has been getting. Plot's not bad, but definitely has some big holes. Vibranium is used waaaaayyy too much as a plot device to explain everything...yet no explanation is ever given for how Wakanda was ever able to make use of it to begin with. I mean, at one point they were as primitive as everyone how did they mine such an unbreakable metal to begin with? Let alone smelt it? Villain is given far too much credit in reviews as well. He's certainly not bad, but again not nearly as interesting as the hype. He's just another "take over the world" guy, but has one cool scene that puts him slightly ahead of the otherwise zero-dimensional Marvel movie villains.

Sunday, March 18, 10:52:21 AM

Great Movie! Loved every minute of it..

Sunday, March 18, 10:45:37 AM

We liked this movie.

Sunday, March 18, 06:49:03 AM

Everything this was the best marvel movie I have seen

Sunday, March 18, 01:34:48 AM

fantastic movie action.

Saturday, March 17, 10:03:30 PM

It didn't have to be this way. they could of made it a good movie but they thought, hey, we know Black Panther better than the creators of the book did. It's a dud,

Saturday, March 17, 10:02:18 PM

What part of this fiasco was the worst? The stiff acting by the lead character/actor? The preposterous country of Wakanda? The two and half hour long talk fest? The bad directing by Coogler? Kilmonger? Klaue? There is so much to choose from. This will go down as the weakest of all the Marvel Movies. Worse than all the Fantastic Four debacles. Worse the Green Lantern thingy. Worse than Howard the Duck. There is no humor, transport plane size holes in the plot and too much talk talk talk. The casting was poor and I wouldn't doubt that Coogler will be back doing mini documentaries next month.

Saturday, March 17, 10:00:24 PM

A theater goer was asked, "where is the favorite part of this movie?" He pointed towards the exit. Then a five star troll pointed at the floor and said, "the free food."

Saturday, March 17, 09:59:25 PM

Seldom have I seen such a poor movie. And I hope to keep it that way. Avoid any sequels. In fact, keep your eyes closed when he appears in the next Avengers movie.

Saturday, March 17, 09:58:32 PM

If I can spare one person the agony of watching this, it will be worth it.

Saturday, March 17, 09:18:01 PM

A scintillating example of how to suck the life out of what should have been a great action movie like its predecessors.

Saturday, March 17, 06:36:19 PM

A great theater watch! Great casting, scenery and costumes. A cool introduction to Panther's hidden world! (And, his super fun techie sis!) Looking forward to the next one. 🐾😻🐾

Saturday, March 17, 06:12:10 PM

Too much hype for it as it didn't delivered!

Saturday, March 17, 06:11:44 PM

Best movie ever!

Saturday, March 17, 06:08:59 PM

I saw it twice. Best villain since Dark Knight.

Saturday, March 17, 05:22:43 PM

I thought this movie was the greatest of all time! Much needed for our youth.

Saturday, March 17, 04:36:28 PM

Absolutely love seeing a movie this big with majority of black actor sharing some authentic African heritage.

Saturday, March 17, 04:23:58 PM

Great casting. Some funny bits. Women warrior generals are always excellent. Cool hero-tech including awesome Panther suit(s). Overall, an entertaining "Good Guy" movie that looked great on the big screen.

Saturday, March 17, 04:00:35 PM

Stay home and watch the first Iron Man, again.

Saturday, March 17, 03:39:26 PM

Freaking amazing. :)

Saturday, March 17, 03:37:59 PM

Cool movie.

Saturday, March 17, 01:11:29 PM

Only Wrinkle in Time has worse reviews. What do they have in common? They both gutted the original story and replaced it with some weird dogma and forgot the underlying story that made the originals great.

Saturday, March 17, 01:06:44 PM

I read Black Panther in comic book form when I was growing up. The illustration by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, made you believe there was another time and place where Wakanda existed. It was magical and yet not so bizarre as not to believe it. This rendering of an old story, makes Narnia look like Reality TV.

Saturday, March 17, 01:06:11 PM

This movie remind me one of the classic movies called “The bicycle man”. who robbed others to help the poor. 1920? I The movie brought a lot controversy but won the Oscars. Black Panther will get call soon. We know.

Saturday, March 17, 01:03:20 PM

Can't wait to see the next Avengers. Black Panther will have a bit part and not be too annoying.

Saturday, March 17, 01:02:46 PM

Badly directed. Weak script.

Saturday, March 17, 01:01:55 PM

This movie was super sophisticated. Rich on some many elements. I loved it. No spoiling the movie. A review is a review. Focusing in the movie.

Saturday, March 17, 01:01:25 PM

I actually am old enough to have seen Ishstar with Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman when it opened. It is regarded as the worst movie ever put on a big screen. That's saying a lot considering Ed Wood's offerings and the string of 1950s movies that followed. This one is awful, for a lot of reasons, the biggest concern is the non stop nonsensical talking that makes My Dinner With Andre look like a nail biter. Avoid. Go out enjoy the evening, buy a good book, and get together with friends. Time better spent.

Saturday, March 17, 12:58:13 PM

Leave the kids at home. In fact leave the car, wallet, and your dog, and go for a walk. It will do you better than a two and a half hour talking head marathon.

Saturday, March 17, 12:50:42 PM

I absolutely loved this movie. Special effects excellent. Movie plot excellent. Overall Movie Awesome!!!!!! I loved this movie.

Saturday, March 17, 12:49:53 PM

I think will very cool having a make Wakanda in Disney World because is a make city like some of the SW imaginary planets.

Saturday, March 17, 12:29:54 PM

Sites are reporting a 620% increase in people looking for hotel rooms in Wakanda, I kid you not. The George Carlin maxim applies here. For those of you reading the reviews, Wakanda does not exist. If you believe it does, I have some time share condos in Narnia you have cheap.

Saturday, March 17, 12:20:37 PM

Not a date movie. Not entertaining for little kids, and even for an adult, this is too slow and too long. I've seen a Shakespeare soliloquy be more exciting. Sure the CGI is great, but when is it not these days? On a basis of what makes a truly great movie and what elements are to be found on the screen, this is definitely a one star, at best, movie.

Saturday, March 17, 12:16:16 PM

Very little in the way of fun for kids. My children were absolutely bored. They would ask when would the grownups stop talking. They actually wanted to leave at parts. This movie is intended for adults who like superheros who talk a lot.

Saturday, March 17, 03:36:14 AM

Amazing cast! The story line ans action in the film held my attention the entire time.

Friday, March 16, 10:11:41 PM

Both hero and villain have points on why they do what they do. beautiful shots of Africa, women of power . Best marvel movie.!!!

Friday, March 16, 08:49:30 PM

Apart from the slobbering reviews of endorsement by a single user intent on spamming the entire site I found this movie to be average. If I could rate this show more precisely than our rounded off choices I'd give it a 2.3 on the strength of some of the action at the beginning and for the costume design.

Friday, March 16, 08:10:02 PM

Great movie!!! I just wish I could had seen it in 3-D, 3-D was sold out. But I enjoyed it, and my wife really loved it. But if she kept on saying how kool Black Panther was, I was going to walk out! Just kidding,, I think! Seriously awesome job!

Friday, March 16, 08:00:08 PM

Phenomenal job!! The men in the movie played their part so well,,, and the women were gorgeous and strong! I’m going to see the movie again tomorrow, something I never did before. I just wish it was longer,,, I had to use the bathroom,, and didn’t get up because I was afraid I would miss something.

Friday, March 16, 06:20:15 PM

Very well executed! The details and sophiticated yet subtle history and political messages were spot on. Truly fantastic. (BTW I'm documentary filmmaker with 2 Emmys, so I have some "street cred") Black Panther will be a studied in film schools for a long time. Lighting, costuming, directing all impeccable! Very few Hollywood films put that level of detail and thought into a production. Thank you Ryan Coogler! Plus it's a fun action-packed science fiction/comic flick so you can get your Geek on too!