Sunday, March 11, 10:30:46 AM

As a late night netflix movie, sure, it costs you pennies and you have food in the fridge. 15 dollars to get in to the theater, popcorn, drink and chocolate and you're hitting 30-40 bucks for one person. This one ain't worth it. This will not get any academy nominations, nor will it even get respect from marvel fans. Weak, predictable, and patronizing.

Sunday, March 11, 10:27:48 AM

Even as a support role in Civil War, this character doesn't cut it. Revamp, recast and try again. The accent, the actor, the whole feel of the movie is fake and preposterous.

Sunday, March 11, 10:26:09 AM

Disney ruins another franchise.

Sunday, March 11, 10:25:47 AM

Stan Lee asked to be edited out of this movie and blames it one DC.

Sunday, March 11, 10:25:05 AM

If you saw Bladerunner, then you recognize the pattern. Hype the living bejeezus out of it. Buy off all the reviewers, and play in as many theaters as possible before people wise up. This is at best a two star movie, but the offsetting, hype and manipulation make it a one star.

Sunday, March 11, 10:23:23 AM

Wakanda, Vibranium, talk, talk, talk, weird fight scene, end. There you go. The whole story and now you can get on with your life and spare yourself.

Sunday, March 11, 10:22:26 AM

If you never see another movie, thank the stars this Could of been one of them.

Sunday, March 11, 10:21:47 AM

50.92% Jeez, this movie must suck.

Sunday, March 11, 10:10:32 AM

Great depiction of heroism. Graphics were incredible, actors were stellar.

Sunday, March 11, 09:52:22 AM

Outstanding movie💖💖💖💖💖💖

Sunday, March 11, 01:53:12 AM

If I had cheated in university the way they do stealing ideas from multiple movies I'd get a failing grade. We salute you Marvel!

Sunday, March 11, 01:45:54 AM

Better than Star Wars but ultimately in the same class.

Sunday, March 11, 01:41:04 AM

I wonder why the writer was so unskilled he had to plagiarize other movies to make his?

Sunday, March 11, 01:39:50 AM

Best movie so far. ;)

Sunday, March 11, 01:39:45 AM

A tragedy for the marvel franchise.

Sunday, March 11, 01:38:23 AM

Most movies like this I walk out elated. This one deflated, and little angry that I paid for it.

Sunday, March 11, 01:34:04 AM

Can hardly wait to see a Marvel movie where the same director and writer has been replaced with someone who has the skills to pull off a successful episode.

Sunday, March 11, 01:32:30 AM

Loved it. Something none one can't take away. ;) lmao.

Sunday, March 11, 01:25:27 AM

A poor show overall. The ending was way overplayed and the effects something from another decade.

Sunday, March 11, 01:23:19 AM

Good movie and great casting. Remind to one star reviews the " I have read and understand terms of use" be sure to read those because we all submitted to the rules from this site. No exceptions.

Sunday, March 11, 12:19:55 AM

Enjoyed Black Panther in Civil War but this was disturbing. Too bad. Had such potential.

Sunday, March 11, 12:08:05 AM

A mediocre effort on behalf of the actors.

Sunday, March 11, 12:04:38 AM

Great fun The cast is great. Typical simplistic moral but great visuals and action.

Saturday, March 10, 11:43:13 PM


Saturday, March 10, 11:38:02 PM

An embarrassing failure, but without repercussions.

Saturday, March 10, 11:36:18 PM

Amazing film.

Saturday, March 10, 11:26:16 PM

Benefits of missing this: Over two hours of your life and maybe 15 bucks depending on where you live. A bargain considering you can use to your to spend it on something useful.

Saturday, March 10, 10:57:30 PM

I was stunned by the audacity of this film to inject what would be considered hurtful rhetoric if practiced against the people that made this.

Saturday, March 10, 10:54:49 PM

Let this be a lesson to all that you don't need to be articulate or have any real life skills to make a movie. You just need connections. I have a friend who pulled out of Hollywood and now works successfully on another continent. He said talent wasn't the prerequisite to a successful career and whether you had any or not was less important if you could accelerate your standing. One of those ways became known to the public with the Weinstein saga. So remember boys and girls if you can compromise your integrity you can make tons of money producing trash and be adored for it. This picture is a fine example.

Saturday, March 10, 10:48:44 PM

The writers should win awards and the plot wow

Saturday, March 10, 10:41:31 PM

Too bad the writers can't write even a simple script.

Saturday, March 10, 10:40:07 PM

The plot was, wait, there was no plot except for parts they plagiarized from other movies.

Saturday, March 10, 10:36:03 PM

First 12 mins were the best

Saturday, March 10, 10:22:58 PM

I liked the part where they began a nice long dialogue and I was able to catch some zzzzzzzzzz's.

Saturday, March 10, 10:19:58 PM

A comedy of lame scenes connected by 1980's cgi.

Saturday, March 10, 10:17:21 PM

Tragically bland.

Saturday, March 10, 10:16:23 PM

Wonderful movie

Saturday, March 10, 10:15:41 PM

One of the best marvel movies ever

Saturday, March 10, 10:14:16 PM

Great movie!

Saturday, March 10, 10:11:52 PM

Money well spent