Thursday, November 10, 06:19:51 PM

Rotten Tomatoes are officially irrelevant because there´s no way how this awful mess deserves more than 10%.

Wednesday, October 5, 06:43:31 AM

Men bad, women Mary Sues but somehow oppressed The Movie.

Sunday, October 2, 01:05:11 PM

Terrible, nonsensical movie with annoying characters and bad visuals. How does this movie look worse than some 20 years old ones?

Monday, September 19, 11:42:46 AM

Painfully bad movie with unlikable characters. Only Natasha and Red Guardian are OK characters but the later named is ridiculed through the movie and his powers are underused. It´s a misandristic crap. The worst Marvel movie I have seen. I haven´t seen all of them though. And I don´t want to.

Sunday, September 18, 10:17:14 AM

Stupid and overrated.

Sunday, September 18, 09:57:02 AM

Terrible Mary Sue fest with a cringy sister of the main character who steals the shitshow for herself. The worst movie I have ever seen. They didn´t even respect women enough to hire a stuntwoman for the genderswapped Taskmaster. it shows who is the real bigot here...

Monday, December 13, 02:44:20 PM

It´s not a thriller. It´s a stupid C-tier movie. There was a promising montage of abusive training of young widows during the opening titles but then it became generic MCU crap with stupid jokes and disgusting, vulgar attempts of humour. The abused, brainwashed Nat´s sister acts like a spoiled, arrogant brat with no discipline and she´s so loud and annoying she would stand out everywhere and blow up her identity. She couldn´t be a spy. She has no PTSD from the stuff she had to endure since her early childhood. She is also a total sociopath (mass murder is fun to her), just like the "mother" who abused kids in the Widows program and abuses animals for fun in the movie. Red Guardian is a man, so he is bodyshamed and he´s useless despite having superstrenght and agility. Taskmaster played by a stunt man but revealed as a woman who is ridiculously tiny compared to the stunt man is just a cherry on the top of this rotten cake.

Friday, October 15, 10:03:34 PM

The movie was more about family than anything else. Everyone was seeking to be part of a family while going on a killing spree at the same time. The action was good but the story got tedious . Black Widow deserved a better send off.

Tuesday, October 12, 06:39:25 PM

Why did they even bother.

Tuesday, October 12, 06:39:25 PM

Why did they even bother.

Saturday, September 18, 06:10:13 PM

Uninspired. Marvel sausage.

Sunday, September 5, 12:18:46 PM

Another manipulated score. That movie is awful. The bratty sister is the worst. Or maybe the gendreswapped Taskmaster who is actually Taskmistress but the male stunt double did all the hard work. Shame on you, Marvel! Either hire female stunt double, or just accept women can´t to everything the same way men can. The "Russian Capt. America" was the butt of all jokes, despite his superpowers which were never used, so Mary Sue could shine. If you have to put down male characters to make female characters look strong, you didn´t create a strong female character in the first place.

Monday, August 16, 12:27:06 AM

The movie was monotonous. I did not like the Russian sister. Lol

Wednesday, August 11, 09:36:59 AM

Love the way filmmakers bring us into the future. Great story on one man so powerful trying to control the world by chemical induced for mind control. Hiding in space built operations. So far out, writers are Genius. Lots of action and the strength of family. Must see.!

Wednesday, August 11, 01:33:21 AM

Pretty good. One of the better Marvel movies. Lots of action. Nice emotional moments. Good, solid laughs. Social commentary is subtle but still profound.

Tuesday, August 10, 09:13:41 PM

Okay movie, but somewhat miscast. Its one of the better marvel solo efforts, but a bit strangely timed in terms of fitting into the wider story arc, it probably should have been made a few years ago at the height of the avengers hype. Its not as dull as civil war-but not as good as endgame. Florence Pugh steals the show (big fan of hers), ScarJo is okay-her style tends to be divisive-if you find her annoying in general, she won't do anything new in this. I just cannot fathom why Rachel Weisz is portraying somebody who is old enough to be ScarJo's mum? She so obviously isn't.

Sunday, August 8, 12:13:52 AM

This has a very good storyline. It was exciting through the whole movie! We really enjoyed the movie and would highly recommend seeing it!!

Saturday, August 7, 06:20:03 PM

Great Movies waited a long time to see this one , I want more !!!!

Friday, August 6, 05:30:48 PM

Great story line and the special effects were "out of this world"!!! There were a few funny scenes, also!!!!

Monday, August 2, 02:38:23 PM

I enjoyed this movie. It had a lot of good action. Black Widow was a true hero in the sense that she risked her life to do good.

Saturday, July 31, 07:27:01 PM

One good joke by a supporting actor. Didn’t like the message in the movie about older white males running the world and either malicious and/or violent. Young males are good and supportive. Older women are shown as complacent to males. Young women are shown manipulated but once freed, focused, moral and now in control. Otherwise gratuitous violence. Too bad it doesn’t show what really is transitioning in our society.

Saturday, July 31, 01:27:18 PM

Enjoyed this movie to the fullest. It is true entertainment. The two sisters kept the plot in a tight formation with the wild action scenes and the many showdowns with the women assassins and their (supposed) Mom and their Dad. I grew up reading Black Widow comic books, which are brilliantly illustrated with plenty of action in the stories. However, this movie has tough, violent, elongated scenes: so be aware for children and older adults - who may not enjoy that level of upended violence.

Friday, July 30, 05:05:20 PM

Would have been better without ScarJo in it. She's just a bad actress, come everyone, admit it.

Friday, July 30, 09:21:04 AM

Very action packed movie and they finally did how she became black widow!! Would go watch again!!

Wednesday, July 28, 11:49:46 PM

Silliness with all kinds of "strong women" cliche nonsense. MMAS already!

Tuesday, July 27, 11:26:31 AM

At least it was better than Captain Marvel. Scarlett deserves better.

Saturday, July 24, 10:14:55 AM

Great characters. Great story

Friday, July 23, 10:56:37 AM

Loved this movie......Scarlett Johansson did a great job as Natasha Romanoff

Tuesday, July 20, 02:30:50 PM

Great fight scenes and fun performances.

Monday, July 19, 12:06:33 PM

this movie was a good action packed adventure. Surprised to see focus on family, in a not so conventional way. Good acting and heartfelt. good summer movie for anyone who likes Marvel. May have to see again as it just kept moving and the special effects were great. Haters will be haters.

Monday, July 19, 05:32:11 AM

Loved this movie, it was well acted and great special effects! It was awesome to be back at the movies!

Sunday, July 18, 06:58:32 PM

The plot is very interesting, action packed, great special effects, fight scenes and drama. They actually developed the characters enough to be able to love the heros, and hate the villains. Very well balanced between action and drama. Great basic story that included family love, and devotion. Yes, it had some really bad guys, and some genuine violence; but they didn't go to as gross extremes as some movies. Balanced, entertaining, exciting, intriguing. Yay! Really enjoyed it.

Sunday, July 18, 05:27:57 PM

Very powerful movie 🎥 to all the women out there Love respect care fight ambitious strong I love ?? you black widow You are awesome 😎 Excellent movie 🎥

Sunday, July 18, 12:33:54 AM

The movie is a one time view. Not as good as some other ones. What century does the idiot live in where he thinks all women should be rescued by men? Hey JERK this is the 21st century women can do anything they darn want to do. My favorite character is the blond spy found her funny and cute. I do agree about the guy that says how easily Red Guardian got beaten by the cyborg woman. At the same time I can understand that a cyborg has super strength too look at Robo Cop or any other cyborg ever made all have super strength not a single one is wuss.

Saturday, July 17, 11:53:42 AM

Could someone remove the obviously fake reviews posted in DECEMBER? The movie is bad. No matter how many fake positive comments some bots will post, it will not change this fact.

Saturday, July 17, 10:03:04 AM

I love this movie! It’s been a while since I’ve take a breather and I’m happy to watched this.

Thursday, July 15, 07:32:10 PM

Whoever gave this terrible movie high ratings on RT proves that website is called ROTTEN Tomatoes for a reason and can´t be taken seriously at all. Disney is obviously removing negative reviews and possibly repeating Craptain Marvel strategy with the seats in theaters.

Thursday, July 15, 07:27:21 PM

Stupid movie with cringe humour, "women can do nothing wrong even if they do" agenda, Mary Sue levels of indestructibility of the main character and her bratty, immature sister (brainwashed, manipulated, tortured kid turned into a living weapon would "surely" act like this...) The cyborg is obviously a male stunt double, but than there is supposed to be surprise reveal it´s a woman. OMG WTF LOL! He was throwing everyone around, including the fat Red Captain Russia who demonstrated his superstrenght in the scenes in prison, but a skinny woman could beat him. XD Terrible, disgusting pseudo-jokes about sterilization of women and pissing on Captain Russia. All men are either stupid, or evil. All the kidnapped children in the program are girls for some absurd reason. All "empowered" female characters are annoying and unlikable, mostly sociopathic. Don´t watch this garbage.

Tuesday, July 13, 10:39:08 AM


Monday, July 12, 08:27:56 PM

Most of the cast is female. Scarlet worked well as lead actor an executive producer. Good summer romp