Monday, July 12, 03:24:21 PM

It´s bad. Uhey use CGI even for fights which could be filmed withou CGI. There is a pointless genderswap of a character who is played by a stuntman for the whole time, than when the face reveal comes it is "surprisingly" a woman who is obviously much smaller and skinnier than the stuntman. It´s absurd. They could have hired a stuntwoman at least. So much for giving job opportunities to women...

Monday, July 12, 10:46:34 AM

Best thing about this was Ever Anderson as the young Natasha. After that, it went downhill. Was there even a plot? I had to force myself to keep watching since I paid for it, but it never got any better after the first few scenes of BW as a kid.

Sunday, July 11, 05:14:24 PM

I loved every single second of this movie. I got the premiere access on Disney+ and than the second day of its release I went to watch it at the movies. And this movie is just my all time favorite movie. The actors did an amazing job, the producers did a great job, and the marvel made a banger for a movie. Black Widow finally got the film she deserved. Thank you marvel.

Sunday, July 11, 01:51:09 PM


Saturday, July 10, 10:36:53 AM

I loved the heart felt bonding that cont to grow with the actors. It was funny and loving. I love action movies which this was full of. I was in entertained and I love these action characters. Marvel comics movies, I see them all.

Saturday, July 10, 09:14:04 AM

Save your money! First half hour boring, had me wonder if I was in the right theater for the movie Black Widow. Usual car chases and battles. Lots of Action later in the film.

Thursday, July 8, 07:02:30 PM

Thanks for the streaming Tribute!!

Thursday, July 8, 06:59:45 PM

Fast paced full on action to die for - One showing is not enough to catch all the amazing special effects and dialog (and the humor!!) Most of the time "hey what was that".

Wednesday, June 30, 05:40:46 AM

Good Marvel's Avenger film.

Friday, April 17, 06:44:15 AM

I love you lots black widow

Thursday, January 16, 12:57:19 AM

very hopeful very positive very confident she is awesome in this movie

Wednesday, December 4, 03:45:08 AM

i love you lots very excited for the movie the countdown begins you are number 1