Saturday, June 3, 10:29:19 AM


Monday, May 22, 03:16:34 PM

Great story and great acting.

Monday, May 22, 12:25:41 AM

It is nice sometimes to see a film about real people and real events. I did not appear to be Hollywooded either. Thanks to all involved for there great work. It is nice to know the behind the seems story of RIM and Blackberry. I personally miss the click.

Friday, May 19, 05:05:34 PM

Had friends at Blackberry....apparently not at all even close to what it was like or the personalities of the main players / founders. Kind of a shame they got it so wrong.

Friday, May 19, 12:00:00 AM

Excellent movie, it was so engaging from start to finish. Although the first half of the movie was probably the strongest part of the movie.

Thursday, May 18, 09:21:13 PM

I love the outfits, the movie nights, the geeking out. It was an enjoyable trip down memory lane. And based on the true story to boot!

Saturday, May 13, 10:05:26 PM

Fast paced movie. Well written. Fantastic acting! Highly recommend you see it! Just dug out my boyfriend's old Blackberry BOLD and charger and plugged it in to see if it will work. Nostalgia.

Thursday, May 11, 11:13:32 PM

Loved it. Good lessons from it.