Monday, August 13, 11:48:56 PM

Spike Lee is America's nemesis. Necessary intervention/tonic at the right time-- a must see.

Monday, August 13, 04:06:48 AM

A very entertaining look at what still has to be one of the strangest police operations in history. Who watches this? I do, I do! And I will again. For some reason it's got a listing as a comedy: No! It has comedic elements, but is not a comedy. And of course it's highly relevant now. Release was one year after the Charlottesville incident; not a coincidence. The Oscar race is on, and if by some slim chance this one got the award, it would not be the worst film ever to do so by any means. Yeah - By Any Means Necessary. Good one, Mr Lee. And Mr Washington the younger. And all the rest of this good company

Saturday, August 11, 10:23:42 PM

One of Spike Lee's finest films. TImely film, deftly weaves drama and humor. Must see.

Saturday, August 11, 04:07:53 PM

I'm open minded for sure being Latin, but this film is so racist and that its uncomfortable. Its funny that is why I give it 1 star, but we do not need to keep insulting each other with race & religion hateful remarks. Its 2018 for goodness sake! We should evolve and respect each others uniqueness by now. If you love and respect others and don't judge your fellow neighbor, then this movie will insult you. It should have been a serious movie not a comedy since this is a very serious topic.

Saturday, August 11, 02:00:37 PM

Good movie Spike.

Saturday, August 11, 12:05:09 PM

If you're an ignorant racist you won't like the movie . I thought it was Great . PS . (I'm white)

Friday, August 10, 06:23:49 AM

I have been a Spike Lee fan since the 80s. This is by far one of the best films directed by Spike Lee. Mr. Lee mixed a bit of comedy to lighten up The seriousness of the film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This unfortunately was our past and sadly is our current state of America. I appreciate Spike Lee’s creative insight.

Friday, August 10, 02:26:12 AM

The movie offers additional insight into a subject that many people think they already know something about which has been gleaned from glossed over history. It masks truth with reality and depicts American history in the process. It will be a test of fortitude for many to grasp if they look through closed lenses. Rolled up, it is scary, intimidating for all , and filled with humor. I highly recommend as a must see film. Along with my wife, we see two to three movies a week because we still keep date nights. Kudos to Soike Lee and the impressionable Mr. Washington, Sin and heir apparent to his father, Denzel. Great film and one of Spijes best work.

Thursday, August 9, 05:48:54 PM

Meh, not my cup of tea but not a bad film. Suspect reverse racism comedy will probably be the trend for the next decade or so but eventually people will wake up to danger of toying with such things though I have to admit I did laugh pretty hard at times through the film.

Wednesday, August 8, 09:28:39 PM

A must-see! Love that this actually happened.

Wednesday, August 8, 08:06:58 PM

I liked it, did not love it. Would have enjoyed it more if it had more of a serious tone considering the subject matter. Played more like a comedy up until the last montage at the end then it got super serious all of a sudden.

Wednesday, August 8, 11:33:24 AM

Spike Lee's a proven racist. What do you expect? Who watches this garbage?

Wednesday, August 8, 12:40:57 AM

I think it is very racist very disrespectful to my people that fought in the Confederate War for their intelligence to be insulted because my people that carry that flag with people that were not fighting because of slavery they were fighting to keep the Damn Yankees out of our Fields just so we could grow crops to feed our families we never owned a slave we worked our fingers to the Bone picking cotton and I think it is very very wrong in our country is screwed up when they want to act like something that this and I am very very ashamed of whoever made or played in this thing if it was a white man in filtering the Black Panthers to make them look foolish that be all kind of hell you have Oprah Winfrey Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson and probably Obama himself out there with the little signs so our country is messed up and I don't like it in my family don't have to be part of it so if you see me carrying my Confederate flag you better step off

Sunday, August 5, 10:32:27 AM

Great movie!