Saturday, January 31, 07:19:08 AM

Saw this last night at the Cineplex GDFF. It's still amazing after 32 years. More people at the theatre to see this last night then there was in 1982 when I originally saw this in cinemas. The visuals and story are thought provoking and breath taking. Loved all the actors in this especially Harrison Ford and Rutgers Hauer. A true classic.

Monday, October 10, 09:14:50 AM

Wesley Snipes kicks some serious ass in this action-packed adaptation of the popular Marvel comic.

Monday, January 7, 06:55:39 AM

Where's Wesley Snipes?!?!

Wednesday, December 19, 06:09:02 PM

Magnificent.Seamless. Back in the days when you made the movie first and then thought about what effects to add.

Friday, December 14, 12:30:57 PM

The finest film ever made in colour.

Friday, December 7, 07:01:36 PM

Watching this reminds me of when movies were good.

Wednesday, November 28, 07:45:18 AM

Sean Young should be considered the front-runner for a Best Supporting Actress nod.

Monday, November 26, 06:39:09 AM

The BEST movie of 2007.

Monday, November 26, 02:33:40 AM

The Oscar race begins with BLADE RUNNER!

Sunday, November 25, 09:07:45 PM

i liked it better when it was called Bicentennial Man.

Sunday, November 25, 09:05:07 PM

kind of like a matrix rip off

Sunday, November 25, 01:49:59 AM

final cut???? really, don't you think they could make a few more bucks by releasing a director's edition final cut, an unrated director's edition final cut, and a 25th,30th, 40th, 50th year director's son's final cut, when the director finally dies?

Saturday, November 24, 06:39:28 AM

5 STARS! Ford's best since "The Fugitive."

Wednesday, November 14, 12:52:12 AM

FANTASTIC! This movie is going to make Harrison Ford a star!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 10:40:58 AM

Sean Young is uber-hot!

Tuesday, November 13, 03:36:38 AM


Monday, November 12, 02:11:42 PM

Was somewhat disappointed in this latest version. Maybe the territory is too familiar...the only thing I was impressed with was when Zora is gunned down and Scott managed to morph Joanna Cassidy's face onto the previous stunt woman's face crashing through the window. It was seemless and extremely well done. Other than that, new scenes were bland and pointless - especially the hockey mask wearing dancers. Wait for the DVD if you're a fan.

Monday, November 12, 10:08:03 AM

Still one of my favoite films of all time. Blade set the stage for Science Fiction movie making. Great cast, story line, and effects 20 years ahead it's time.

Saturday, November 10, 08:37:53 AM

More that Sci Fi...a portent of things to come