Wednesday, December 7, 12:03:55 AM

If you like boxing movies, this is a very good one.

Saturday, November 26, 07:26:18 PM

This movie was soooooo great! Anyone who did not like it must be really stupid, and just likes mindless Hollywood garbage! This is an incredible true story that deserves an Oscar for Miles Tenner.

Saturday, November 26, 07:22:54 PM

Awesome movie, and Miles Tenner is the best young actor out there! Just an incredible movie!

Saturday, November 26, 07:20:47 PM

Really amazing movie based on true story. The acting was so great! Best movie of the year.....a classic!

Saturday, November 26, 07:18:40 PM

Great movie! Fantastic true story with phenomenal acting! Sound track, scenery and time frame done perfect! A must see!

Tuesday, November 22, 09:10:49 PM

Actor was fantastic

Monday, November 21, 06:29:18 PM

bland. boring...

Monday, November 21, 10:16:58 AM

Great movie ! Depicts the real vinnie Paz !

Saturday, November 19, 10:37:07 PM

Miles Teller is so unlikable. Not sure if it was him or the character, but it made the movie seem really long.

Thursday, November 17, 11:49:41 AM

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