Sunday, August 25, 11:13:11 PM

Good story, good script, good acting.

Sunday, August 25, 10:25:11 PM

Great acting from all cast members. Loved the passion each brought to the story. Confirmed we do not live in a perfect world. Shower the good, bad and raceism.

Sunday, August 25, 06:23:07 PM

Tremendous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 23, 08:52:24 PM

Loved it !!! Very uplifting movie. Well done all around.

Wednesday, August 21, 10:54:18 PM

Excellent movie! Based on a true story. Worth watching. The songs are great! it's a mix of drama with comedy.

Wednesday, August 21, 10:49:30 PM

Excellent movie! It exposes the reality about immigrants and their struggle with culture shock and discrimination and their children struggling to find their identity. You have drama and comedy all together. The songs are great! Worth watching

Wednesday, August 21, 02:35:37 PM

Great movie, superb acting by all. Enjoyed every minute of it. A realistic, historically sound portrayal of life and attitudes in the UK during that era.

Tuesday, August 20, 05:01:45 PM

Surprising joy. Compelling actors and true story.

Monday, August 19, 10:49:29 PM

It was like a musical, I did not love this movie.

Monday, August 19, 08:09:13 PM

I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. This movie is a juvenile and cringeworthy “tribute”. I couldn’t take it any more about half way in and left, along with my 2 adult children who sadly said they liked Springsteen a little less after suffering through an hour of the movie. If you want to see a great film about kids escaping their dreary lives through the power of music, watch Sing Street. Same theme, same era, done infinitely better.

Monday, August 19, 05:36:15 PM

This was an all around good movie. Acting was superb. Loved the fact that it was based on a true story of the life of Sarfraz Manzoor and how he was inspired by Bruce!

Monday, August 19, 01:43:51 PM

Loved the heartfelt storyline. Felt it was very relatable. And have always been a Bruce Springsteen fan as well.

Saturday, August 17, 08:30:34 PM

Excellent, excellent movie!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 17, 09:59:05 AM

Loved this movie! Made me laugh and cry! Well done lesson on family and finding yourself. Based on a true story, which made it all that more enjoyable! Enjoyed the Bruce Springsteen music, had to come home and listen to more!!

Thursday, August 15, 11:35:22 AM

Well done!

Wednesday, August 14, 07:08:11 PM

The movie was ok and worth watching. I just do not think it lived up to all the hype that was given.