Saturday, April 21, 09:08:36 PM

just plain gross ! we walked out of the movie when they poured beer up the cop guys ass.

Saturday, April 21, 02:00:00 PM

Some parts were funny. Cena doesn't know how to act. He's not really believable as an actor. He's more like an actor in training.

Saturday, April 21, 01:14:47 PM

We found it funny. Our children are slightly older than the daughters in this movie. Silly and mindless but we laughed out loud throughout most of it.

Friday, April 20, 06:06:44 PM

My husband and I both loved the movie. Everyone in the theater was laughing. Based on the trailer, I didn't want to watch it, but there was nothing else showing, so my husband picked Blockers. We were still laughing when we left the theater.

Friday, April 20, 08:30:37 AM

Call me am old fart, but to much vulgarity. Kind of funny.

Wednesday, April 18, 06:44:00 PM

really fun movie loads of laugh, oh did I mention I work for the studio

Wednesday, April 18, 01:31:49 AM

A "renter" . Good acting, poor writing. Mediocre plot, embarrassing adult (stupid) humor, and unnecessary frontal male nudity.

Saturday, April 14, 07:18:59 PM

I found the movie funny in only a few places with predictable jokes coming. The characters were simplistic and sadly one dimensional and movie plot was very predictable. The use of adult humor was shocking and mildly funny . I wish they had done more to make the actors come more to life. believable and fun.

Saturday, April 14, 07:12:06 PM

Maybe your iq is not that high to begin with, this is the new hangover

Friday, April 13, 03:13:07 PM

Typical Hollywood formula. Very PC and Very Boring! Not very original! Not very creative at all!

Friday, April 13, 12:57:22 PM

Lots of laughs. Likable characters. Not five stars because it does get a bit tedious at times, and some character choices are not believable. But still, if you like raunchy humor this is a good gamble for a night out at the movies.

Friday, April 13, 06:21:54 AM

A really fun movie with loads of laughs - would highly recommend!

Friday, April 13, 06:18:45 AM

We are late 40's and I saw the movie last night and my wife and did we laugh so hard we had tears streaming down our face! Takes you back to your own time as a teen but also gives a dose of reality for what we have in store with our own teens... just a great comedy and would highly recommend. If you liked Date Night and Game Night you'll love this!

Tuesday, April 10, 08:50:54 AM

Good Movie, would have given it 5 stars but... I did not enjoy the scene were they pour Beer up John Cena's Ass with a funnel.

Monday, April 9, 11:51:25 AM

Never lets up - LOL from start to finish.

Sunday, April 8, 09:24:35 PM


Sunday, April 8, 05:55:50 PM

Very funny movie

Sunday, April 8, 10:19:06 AM

Very funny. A little to frisky for my uptight sister in law.

Saturday, April 7, 02:27:08 PM

Leslie Mann is hot

Saturday, April 7, 02:26:44 PM


Saturday, April 7, 02:18:59 PM

The new hangover!

Friday, April 6, 04:40:50 PM

This movie is hilarious. John Cena is surprisingly really great and the rest of the cast is very funny as well. 5 bags of popcorn.