Friday, October 2, 08:02:52 AM

It´s much better than woke critics and haters of Vin Diesel say. It has cool action, funny one-liners and everything what a movie of this type needs. R-rating and over the top violence in Tarantino´s style would turn it into a masterpiece though.

Sunday, August 9, 09:42:16 PM

I enjoyed this movie and was just grateful to be at the movies again!!! Only 8 people in the theatre and I felt very safe. And the ticket was only 5.00 and free butter on the popcorn! Get out and go to a movie folks!

Sunday, August 9, 12:32:16 PM

My husband & son really enjoyed this movie on August 8th, 2020!! Lots of action and the story line is silmilar to another movie but it was well done. It was so sad for the cineplex employees as now it is open it was empty!! We saw that they were open and jumped at the chance to "finally" go out for supper and a movie! We three were the only ones to see the 8:30 p.m. show! Come on people get out and support your local theatres or we are going to see the same thing as with the drive-ins. They will be gone and declared obsolete!!

Tuesday, June 23, 08:26:55 PM

It's ok. Standard fare. not one of his better ones

Friday, June 12, 03:23:47 PM

An excellent movie thank you!

Thursday, June 11, 07:27:42 AM


Thursday, June 11, 07:27:27 AM

What a great movie !!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 12:27:49 PM

Not bad

Monday, June 1, 11:54:18 AM

Great movie

Thursday, May 28, 06:17:12 PM

Good movie

Thursday, May 28, 05:51:38 PM

Liked it

Thursday, May 28, 05:51:13 PM

Not bad

Monday, May 18, 08:31:44 PM

He's so fine.

Sunday, April 5, 04:25:19 PM

I didn´t expect much after some bull*hit the critics threw on this movie but it´s actually good, cool sci-fi action movie. It´s just a pity I couldn´t see it in the cinema because of current quarantine.

Monday, March 16, 02:32:04 AM

Not worth watching at the movie theater wait for tv or Netflix Great comic but Vin Diesel does not do it justice, doesn't even look like the guy in the comic and I have to admit the acting is lousy. Vin sorry buddy I know you make good money and I give you credit but your acting skills are mediocre at best and The Fast franchise is getting way to far fetched. Get back to racing even though your quarter mile seemed to a bit far fetched as well it was good to watch Tokyo Drift number 1

Sunday, March 15, 03:52:34 PM

Very entertaining- interesting special effects too

Sunday, March 15, 07:10:16 AM

It was entertaining although a little predictable in places. Seeing a soft side of Vin Diesel with a wife was interesting. Some of the action was overkill although I am sure it appealed to the action crowd. Overall I enjoyed it.

Saturday, March 14, 02:37:26 PM

Not too bad. Lots of decent action.

Saturday, March 14, 02:18:06 AM

Not bad. No cheesy acting. Action film worth the view.

Friday, March 13, 10:47:29 PM

Vin diesel looks great as usual, entertaining action movie!

Friday, March 13, 02:26:08 PM

not great, not bad enough to leave the cinema. Wait for Netflix. It will be gone in one week.

Friday, March 13, 12:53:14 PM

Good action movie with lots of reused ideas and special effects. Watching Vin play the same role for the 11th time - kinda boring with a lot of reflective posing and used up sound bites. A better actor would have lifted the script and the plodding support cast. I would not go and see a sequel. We (spouse) should have gone to see ‘The Invisible Man’ with a more skilled lead.

Friday, March 13, 09:32:30 AM

Very entertaining.

Sunday, March 8, 02:27:47 PM

This movie was great👍🏻👍🏻. Just think terminator had a baby with a marvel movie and bloodshot was born