Tuesday, December 27, 09:04:30 PM

Man who couldn't love this! Leftist millennials getting whacked, after showing how pathetic their lifestyles are? The ending was good tho.. or the 'reveal' of what happened.

Thursday, December 1, 11:28:10 AM

Has something for everyone.

Tuesday, August 30, 07:24:01 PM


Monday, August 29, 04:40:03 PM

It was OK, but so could've been better. Wouldn't to recommend to my friends and the ending sucked!

Thursday, August 18, 04:40:17 AM

Great movie! will see again

Sunday, August 14, 10:51:18 AM

Worst movie I've ever seen

Sunday, August 14, 10:24:12 AM

Just another movie promoting the gay agenda.

Saturday, August 13, 05:44:05 PM

Absolutely terrible show. Do not waste your money. It doesn't have any redeeming qualities as a comedy or a horror movie.