Sunday, December 11, 09:25:31 AM

Save your money

Sunday, November 27, 03:07:08 PM

Actors young people can relate to. What goes beyond race, sexual identity and other woke ideation? Well, community through cannibalism, of course. You already feel different than others so maybe this is your new path. Where is the world headed (or should I say beheaded)?

Friday, November 25, 09:16:14 PM

Glorious performances. This is not a movie about cannibalism although the characters are cannibals. This is a story of loss and discovery. The young characters are striving to survive while longing to be normal. Along the way they discover their soulmates. This movie haunts me still. I never found it slow or wanting, and the few violent scenes are fleeting. Don't let the exaggerated reviews discourage you.

Monday, November 21, 08:21:19 PM

The acting, storyline, and cinematography were solid.